No-deal Brexit: There are no other farms to install stock because Amazon could keep them up, the MPs


Museums may be able to stock food for unplanned Brexit to be empty because Amazon has been scrapped to market in the UK market, it was contacted by an MP .

The Food and Drink Federation warned that everything was available on the frost and cleaning – but nobody knew who gave it and there's anything.

"What we do not know is there in those places," said Ian Wright, the company's chief executive.

And he said: "There are some walks, and I can not stand up, much of this is booked by Amazon to go into the food market at some point over the next few months.

"It is inevitable that all merchants are frightened with that idea and he will talk about it."

Mr Wright suggested that he was "a useful question" to send the MP to the Amazon chief, but warned: "He will not tell you."

Theresa May said in July that plans were scheduled to put stock – if someone from the EU is cut off if the UK goes out without an agreement – but denies that the public should to be "worried".

However, Mr Wright said that the room had now been running out with food and drink producers in the dark about who he put up.

It's "frozen and cool, for practical reasons being released at this time," he told the Commons business committee.

"There's some chance, but it's in the wrong part of the country. It's not where your special dedicated trip is needed."

And he said: "For long-term design for large or medium-sized businesses, it will not work."

Mr Wright also warned that it was inevitable for prices to be stable in the shops, if stock were held, saying: "There is no room to go. If there are costs Up, you must submit them or you must give them in price increases. "

It was notified to Amazon to comment on the application that it bought a UK storage space.

Generally with other retailers, food and drink makers have supported the Brexit contractor's prime minister, in reassurance that he would avoid damaging from & # 39; falling out of the EU.

However, Mr Wright said the partnership was still opposed to the finalization of free movement – which was sent to Ms Martin personally at this week's meeting.

And, on the "political declaration", which meant to explain a trading account in the future, he said: "It's a list of the New Year principles – and we do not know They are still there at the end of January. "

Mr Wright and Ian Rayson, of Nestle, have doubted a solution that has ever been found to deliver a non-runner-up trade, and to avoid returning hard in Ireland.

"We are not aware of technologies that can easily solve the problem," said Mr Rayson. committee.

And Mr Wright said: "When politicians tell you that there is a technological solution [for Ireland] They almost do not know what they are talking about. "

The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign to ask voters to get a voice on it; Brexit 's last contract.

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