No, no big water is cut: the fear of capitalists for WhatsApp filing National


next week Its first replica of # 39; drink water in the Metropolitan area. The idea is to be activated regional response protocols The opposition is a breach in the supply and also the guidance to address the emergent emergencies of the authorities with the health service companies and the towns.

However, this activity has caused a great deal of fear among the people as a result of a series of WhatsApp that started to spread. The message shows how good it is; is this drill the water will be drunk throughout the Metropolitan area.

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The exercise includes the partnership of the Metropolitan Administration, the National Emergency Office (Onemi), the Health Ceremi, Sanitary Services Directorate (SISS), 11 towns and drinking water companies: Aguas Andinas, Cossbo, SMAPA and Aguas Santiago Westeros

It is expected, with this activity, the problems reduced to neighbors when it is cut into drinking water supply as a result of bad weather or other event that may affect its capital.

Although it was initially reported that this activity would take place on Wednesday, November 28, last – to improve the co-ordination of service companies, cities and civil society. take part in this campaign – Wednesday 5 December.

"It's a big city that takes lessons from complex minutes to do actions (…) With this image, we will try to be as accurate as possible, we are preparing to know to have how to deal with an event, as a huge cut of water drink, the revival time and how we can develop it against an event of these features, "Karla Rubilar explained.

At the same time, the regional leader of the Onemi, Miguel Muñoz, said this would be measure efficiency of the contractual plans designed.

The exercise does not consider a real cut of provision for people in Santiago.

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