No one has climbed yet and they are already broadcasting one of the new Transantiago electronic buses. National


One of the new and new electric transits of Transantiago emerged damaged inside terminal.

It is unusual, but they came two weeks ago, no one has risen to one and have already been attacked by strangers who have completely painted one of the most recent public transport units in South America, who starts working in the capital.

The event took place early on Friday at one of the airports in the town of Maipú. There are 100 buses that Metbus operates and are waiting to start the electric corridor on Greece Avenue, where they are going to start. Distribution of 5 societies in the Metropolitan area, something that should be affected in the middle of this month.

There is no record of anyone arrested by this Act. The Government has previously made certificates of the unprotected pictures, graphs or scratches in the real estate and public and private goods, as "incapable".

The final band remembers what happened with its & # 39; a double bus, which was confirmed on the streets of Santiago last year and was attacked.

It's good news for consumers in that future the bus was recovered immediately, to verify that these machines are not only that the airplane, universal access and environmentally friendly means of doing so; pollution of sound or noise, but can also be easily cleared. So there was no damage to it.

Karla Rubilar, city maker of the city, raised what happened through her Twitter account.

"All of them are denied that they are not even used," he said.

Bus back

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