No one knew what number of people working on Red Dead Redemption 2, we were counting


What does it do? game is so special? The developer has a & # 39; live game hard. "I've done three months and five days to complete the game," said Alessandra. "I spent hours fishing and watching birds, and I always had something to see or experience the world – that is amazing and amazing – you can to entertain someone for hours without having to do everything out of the story. In terms of knowledge Dead Dead Solution 2 in particular. "


The game is now so successful that you can expect other developers to copy that great success and a similar game. But that's not easy, and everything has to do with how game companies make money today.

"Most developers spend twenty games a year: every new time FIFA, The Battle no Call of DutyThe Next Games, "explains the journalist Paul Hulsebosch of Tweakers. For a game that you pay quickly between 60 and 70 euros, only half a year later you will get the the highest for mobile price sold built.

At the same time, big games are becoming more expensive and more expensive. "So developers need to earn more money to get out of the costs," the definition of Alessandra. "It has been an economic requirement to win more from a 60-year buyer price match."

So, take business modules in big studio, we explained earlier. Rockstar was too early with the game before, GTA VSouth-West In an online world, GTA Air-line, you will pay additional to be able to buy the cars, weapons, houses and the latest fastest hits. And that employment model works: GTA V The product is the most profitable entertaining product of all time.

NOS op 3 made this report earlier this year about the Fortnite business model:

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