No party! Boca reinforced that the bundle doors for fans were not opened


Like every 12/12, the Xeneize fans celebrate Day of Stay, but this time they can not do it at a & # 39; Bombonera and the recital club put it on which it describes the reasons for this block.

"Boca Juniors states that, as a result of the constraints put forward by the Government's Government Security Ministry, today, the Bombonera can not open for Day of Stay," said the beginning. communications, which will come later in the official website

Next, full text:

Boca can not open the Bombonera to arrange the Stay Day

The Athletic Club Boca Juniors recites that, according to the restrictions placed by the Town Authority's Ministry of Security for the opening of the operation, on Wednesday 12/12 the opening of the gates of the operation will not be opened.

The Athletic Club Boca Juniors recites, as a result of the constraints placed by the Home Government Security Ministry for the performance of the stadium, Wednesday 12/12 this can not be opened. Open a bombbox so that their day followers can be identified in club facilities.

Despite the decision of Boca Juniors to have a & # 39; Providing all the ways to organize the event, the steps that limit access to & # 39; general public aims to propose its proposed proposal. For this reason the club at this time can not do the Stadium available to get the fans and to oppose everyone who had the decision to & # 39; participating in the day.

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