No public interest is served by a white light MP


Liberal MP BP, Raj Grewal, said he retired from a personal problem that has been shown to be a serious grievance problem, some of them noted: Mr Grewal, who As well as being a Liberal MP for Brampton East, also works for a construction company.

It is the previous details, when a New Democrat MP requested a & # 39; The Emergency Commissioner investigated Mr Grewal to invite his employer to join events with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when they visited India in February. Mario Dion's Ethics Commissioner launched an inquiry.

But the work itself, that there was another elected MP's job – that is not the problem.

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So why are we people with representatives of the moon right enough for someone else?

In the first few years in Canada, seats in the Commons were sometimes seen as a harassment that only needed a few months sitting in the capital.

But now, with longer sessions and larger constituencies that need representation, it is difficult to think how BP may feel that they can divide the time between jobs – not why Canadians should be willing to share the department with another employer.

And then there is great potential for a conflict that enters a person who is responsible for voting on laws, checking government programs, and promoting government to make policies.

Ministers and parliamentary secretaries are already hampered, with some of the disagreements, from taking out an outside job.

In fact, the same ability in backbacks and MPs is not challenging for conflict because they are not related to official purposes and do not make decisions for the director. And with the control of a quiet party in Canada, some MPs have a & # 39; Feeling that they have little impact.

However, these are the legislators of the country. They should influence how the country is run. Whatever their other work can be found in the way, there should be no question.

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Mr Grewal was employed by two companies, a general brampton contractor called Zgemi Inc. – for that, he told reporters, he gave legal advice – and a law firm called Gahir and Associates. The research of the Ethics Commissioner continues on complaints that invited Zgemi's chief executive, Yusuf Yenilmez, to Mr Trudeau's events in India.

Mr Grewal told reporters several months ago that the commissioner had cleaned out work. But he did not have to be cleared. The BP publication of external work is made public – but their constituents do not know what kind of work they are doing, or for what they are doing. And, in fact, he does not tell the work of the Review Commissioner that it is okay to invite your headteacher to his Prime Minister's events.

The aim is that alarmists who have a BP should not be disturbed; giving special care to the headteacher. They should be able to accept that the electors are the same leader.

Since Thursday last year, when Mr Grewal said he would retire for personal and medical purposes, his Prime Minister's Office indicated that Mr Grewal "was a grievance problem that led him to serious personal debt. "On Tuesday, the Globe and Mail said that the RCMP has been watching Mr Grewal and millions of doctors of his business, including at the Gatineau casino.

There is no evidence that Mr Grewal had nothing outside of any work to do. But these publications naturally stimulate new questions about activities outside Mr Grewal. Why does a BP work for a construction company? Why did he invite his headteacher to his Prime Minister's events? Why did he and his employer, Zgemi, loan for Land Rover $ 116,824? The answers may be anodyne, but no question should be asked about MP and his other leader.

Dozens of MPs have jobs outside. Some should be worried. Even ministers can hold qualifications for positions, such as medical doctors, as long as they are paid. It may still be appropriate for back-wing BP to have a board office in a family business.

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But do you have another employer? That does not respond to a national statutory post in 2018. A MP who should be able to respond. Producing client representatives as a lawyer has already represented his elections. This may be a personal offering, but no public interest is given by the moonlight of MPs. Citizens should never have to ask who the headteacher is.

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