No, scientists just did not suggest that we are not giving us a & # 39; sun "to stop Climate Change


Image: Johnson Center of Spain (NASA)

Last week's reports of a new newspaper from researchers in Yale and Harvard respond to "sun-dimming" for a climate change to definitely impose a & # 39; getting awful. There is a problem, these reports impeded the investigation mentioned, and did not make any suggestions we are involved in sunshine geodesign.

Instead, Wake Smith, a lecturer in Yale, and co-author Gernot Wagner, researcher and lecturer at Harvard, sought the cost of one of the solar geological approaches that were being considered a & # 39; most – Stratospheric Spirit Injection (SAI) – in particular to "#; Some of the sunlight drops – showing elements into the high air. The authors confirmed that such a strategy could be a "particularly cheap" way of producing some global warming. The research was published today Environmental Research LettersSouth Westerly

"Its document focus is very different from most of what news reports say," said Wagner, co-director of Harvard's Geological Solar Research Program, to Earther. One of the biggest differences in how the report was covered and the authors wrote that they provide the search as an accessible solution to climate change .

"Solar geodiversity is not a solution to climate change," said Wagner. "This does not deal directly with CO2. There are indirect benefits, but indeed that looks to the side. It's not just about dealing with & # 39; basic purpose. "

The best way to think about the new research is a way of proverb in one way that is proposed – which is very controversial and potentially disastrous for climate change -supported to be partial face. The researchers reviewed the proposed modes to introduce sulfaidh crannogs to the low sratosphere to lower Earth temperatures and concluded that there was a special airplane high – one of them called SAI Lofter (SAIL), and is not even there – the biggest cost – an effective way to do that. They estimate that a similar program would be & # 39; cost slightly more than $ 2 billion per annum over its first 15 years of use, and would aim to "cut the half phase of temperature change from the first year to its program . "

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"It is a fairly comprehensive paper that attempts to make this case possible for sun geological status. That's what we are to do, "said Wagner to Earther. "We do, I'd like to think, work better in getting to real numbers, mostly due to & # 39; We have talked directly to aerospace companies and businessmen in this very difficult situation that aims to cost what is unreasonable, the use of this situation would be spent. e. "

As the survey authors are aware of in their analyzes, it is said that "sun geoengineering" is fast, inexpensive, and incomplete. "They recognize their first point and evidence for the second, however, and this is likely to be lost in translation in reports around the research This is by CNN, the Daily Mail and others – the authors who write are not "a & # 39; make any judgment about the suitability of the SAI. "

"We just have shown that a 15-year start-up deployment program for this purpose, even though both were very insecure and ambitious, could be technically able from an engineering perspective, "they are writing. "It would be very unusual too."

Another focus is to & # 39; paper that such technologies could be used secretly, and its authors do not seem to have given it "as thousands of times a year are needed with planes that use tools- flights from an international range of locations. "

Wagner said that the research is important for a very narrow issue of solar geometry, but as other experts in the field have taken care of, further research is being carried out on the issue. important issue. If the socio-engineering effects of the sun do not fully understand, such a way could be taken without a clear understanding of the potential effects.

"The generations are out of their bottle," said Andy Parker from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, Germany, who has also researched sunscreen, with Earther in March. "And I do not believe it's not going to talk about going to make a" "idea to go away."

After the second measure of the fourth National Assessment on Climate (you know, the large rural report on climate change that involves Trump administration), it is clear that The impact of climate change on all perishable life in the West Post and as the report states, their effects are already their feelings throughout the United States.

But there is no simple or simple solution to reduce climate change. Any other suggestions against the face of her & # 39; It seems to have a big impact.

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