'No special treatment' for celebrities on narco-list


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is not a "special treatment" for celebrities who are suspected. T

Amid public clamor t "narco-list," Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panel t .

"The Palace official said in a press briefing with Palace reporters."

"I suppose it will be" he will weigh the … t

Panels made by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP)

The PDEA earlier that 11 of 31 celebrities who have drug ties are male actors. In the entertainment industry.

PDEA Chief Director General Aaron Aquino he was in favor of releasing.

Chief General Oscar Albayalde, naming the celebrities t

The President would be weighing "all mentrau" in possibly divulging the names of celebrities involved in rampant narcotics trade.

"The Palace official said," he said. T

"Whether or not to depend on the President," he added.

Have to face appropriate charges. T

Paneling, in its latest statement, urged celebrities to refrain

You have to rehabilitate yourself You have to be rehabilitate yourself.

"Certainly, it is what will be their own," he added.

The palace, official, office, furnishings, health care and rehabilitation.

"The help would be extended to themselves," they said. (SunStar Philippines)

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