NO SPORTS: Dragon Ball Super Gifts "Blizzard", a key issue with a new design


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Dragon Ball Super: Broly forward. The next film from the co-op of anime and manga business created by Akira Toriyama to try to & # 39; modernization and modernization of the world with new characters still found in the film.

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The film that hit the theater in Chile on 10 January 2019 after sending a screening on its # A big screen that was released this Tuesday evening, November 27, on the big screen full of activity, destruction and wild scenes.

Toei Animation used this opportunity for an exhibition ««Blizzard», the main theme of the film defined by Daichi Miura in his original version and does not know at this time if it is located in the different versions in which the film is published.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly It arrives on 14 December 2018 in Japan and January 2019 in all Latin America.

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Editing: Series of photographs / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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