No, the 2018 LF16 asteroid may not be hitting the Earth – BGR


Tabloids has been constantly receiving a lot of freedom with newspapers but some of the cover covers; at the moment of the asteroid that has 2018 LF16 and bringing things to the next level. The rock near Earth has been the subject of a number of clan chiefs that impact on NASA's assessment that there are "dangerous risks" that could impose a collision with Earth sometime between 2023 and 2117. But, a & # 39; Looking at the hard data, there is a lot of lesser photos of sadness.

The asteroid is very large, with a measure of 200 meters in size, and if in fact it was to hit it; planet would be a bad day for his planet. The good news is that there is no chance that such a thing will happen.

It's a dying thing; in broadcasting the asteroid that currently contains the 62 routes that NASA could have expressed on the course to influence Earth. I mean, 62 a & # 39; I really enjoyed it when you have nothing but compare it, but take a look at the knowledge that the problems are not sure in the favor of the asteroid.

NASA models show that there is a real crew of the rock that is; affecting Earth 1 in 30,000,000. That is 30 one millionPost-E-mail In fact, the problems are so low that the people who monitor asteroid threats on 2018 LF16 are given as a 0/10 risk level. The "zero" level is defined as "The disaster seems to be strange, or that it is so low to be very nervous." Sciences that are "threatening" and "special disasters" are starting at 5/10 to start at 8/10 levels.

Now we talk about being & # 39; talk about his own rock. 2018 LF16 is significantly compared to most spaces of space cliffs. appears in our neck in the woods, and although it would not be a "planet killer" it would be a danger to anyone in the area. His force would be the same as the most humane nuclear weapons.

Again, it is so unlikely that there is no value for it, but you know what travel in our Solar System is always interesting.

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