No $ US1.5 billion lotto jackpot was filed


Three weeks after someone gets to get her & # 39; biggest millions of millions in history, the winner is still on to claim their prize, according to South Carolina's lottery officers – and may have a strategy behind & # 39; movement.

"I'm not surprised that it gives them time to claim the prize," said financial adviser Morgan Stanley, Michael A. Silver last week.

"You know, I think it's a bit rude. You think you're earning a $ US1.5 billion lot and do not need to You have never worried about money again. But on the case (in opposition) your money was just about up to 1000 times. "

The successful ticket, which was sold at KC Mart in the Simpsonville town in South Carolina, valued approximately $ US1.5 billion ($ 2.05 billion) in annual installments over three decades, or a sum of $ US877 million ($ 1.2 billion) money packs.

Winners have 180 days for a step forward, or to April 21, according to WLTX, which first reported the news. If the ticket is not claimed in the specified time frame, these funds will return to the participating states. Each state can use that money for a variety of purposes.

But according to Mr Silver, it seems that the person who fails to take the time needed to meet a group of tax and financial tax advisers, dependents and publicity experts to help them ; Traveling waters that may be liable.

"Anyone who comes into a billionaire at one time, they are moving into a huge money kingdom," he said. "And that's really big and unidentified."

Along with the lack, taxation affects. Silver said that the optional ticket was to pay a tax adviser to make an IRS bite easier, with details by Fox Business.

If the person who wins the cash-free cash money, the total deduction would be about $ US491.7 million ($ 671.8 million), after hiring and state taxes – a 7 per cent income tax in Carolina South, and the federal rate of 37 per cent. Tax deductions, Mr Silver also said that the effects will be affected; take time to create a budget because their expenses are also increasing.

"Everyone accepts 100% blessing and is just amazing and everything is great, but there is a lot of thinking and preparation and planning that is like to handle more wealth like that, "he said.

Most of the experts say that if the winner is lucky enough and his / her; hitting the six numbers – their first chance in 302 million – they should go to # 39; keep their news before going on a trusted financial adviser to help you avoid a very wealthy problem Post-

This article first appeared on Fox News and was reproduced by permission

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