No Volvo car will take to Los Angeles Motor Show. Read why


The Los Angeles Motor Show will be the Swedish engineer, but not one car. He wants to send a link.

If you were looking for a trip to California, Los Angeles and Volva at the car showroom, you will be spoiled. At the event that starts next Friday, Volvo will. But you will not get one of their cars. There are no current modules, no concepts, no insights. Automobiles are something different this year. He wants to connect to the world.

"Since the start of a car show, cars have been a focus of attention, the car is covered with velvet tarpaulin, but cars are changing, the car industry is changing, and The people who use the cars change, "said Volvo. According to that, today is much more important than the range of most common metal teas in the interior, as people and customers see their brand.

There is a wooden image in a car park for the car manufacturer with the inscription "It's not a car." The future movement may only be in the hands of several designers and insights. One can also be peaceful. "We want to show our link and start a new debate about the future of the equipment, so instead of showing a new concept for cars, we want to consider a relationship of relationships car, "said Marten Levenstam, brand strategy leader. "We know we'll get their best vehicles this year, but it does not matter to us."

It's not a car
Well: Volvo

But not to think nothing is done; going to happen in the Volva position, we will discover you out of error. Although the car did not drive one car, it expects to show new services. These include messenger services, car department, devolution or car subsidized by subscription.

Hakan Samuelsson, boss chief, says that the entire hardware industry has been a long time ago than just going to; doing and selling cars. "Instead of doing and selling cars, we can freely move our customers in a sustainable and safe way. We will allow our customers to access their & # 39 Anytime car and where they need it. "

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