NOAA works a cartoon that appears to be a # 39; challenging the Trump climate change conviction


The day after President Trump posted tweet which proposes very cold temperatures in the northwest and northwest; doubts global warming, the climate service for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tweeted cartoon explaining the cures of cooling as a result of harder winter weather.

"In the beautiful Midwest, the temperature of the wind is less than 60 degrees, the coldest ones ever recorded. In the coming days, it is expected to be cooler. People can not Even out for minutes. What does hell do with Global Waming? [SIC] Come back quickly, we need you! "Mr Trump sent a tweeted.

Reporters say that millions of people in the northwest and the Great Lakes will be gutting records Snow snow from 40 to 65 degrees under zero this week because of it "polar word". And the global warmth may have a & # 39; Play directly in here: there is a theory, how areas near the North Pole are warmer more than two times faster than their; rest of the world, which weakens the polar word, and destroying many cold air flights to Europe, Asia and the United States.

"Winter storms do not prove that global warming does not happen," said NOAA's tweet, which links to the 2015 article on, which is " explains that "warmer air temperatures contain more heat, which leads to a wetter atmosphere, which increases water or snow numbers." The tweet also added a " Includes descriptive cartoon from article 2015.

In a statement to CBS News, NOAA said that the tweet was not made in response to Mr Trump, but it was "something that NOAA will be routinely sent when we get a big cold bend as the one what we are now. "

Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed Twitter that global warming is "foul." In 2012, tweeted e World Warming was created "with and for the Chinese to ensure U.S. manufacturing was non-competitive." Although he then said he was disturbing, he kept his & her; mentions climate change as a solution through the biggest campaign. One of his first actions as a president to have a & # 39; states that he was withdrawn The Paris Climate Agreement, global agreement to mitigate climate change.

However, scientists have adapted almost every stage to warm the climate as a result of human activity. There is even a page on the NASA website that gives evidence and consensus on climate change truth. Some of the states that are likely to have negative adverse effects over the coming years are some of which have been supported by Mr Trump in 2016, such as Florida and Texas, as well as others in the southwest, ; there may be more damage to its & # 39; shoreline due to more powerful storms, according to a new report by Brookings Institute.

The report found that deaths are caused by the weather that hurts the southwest side, because coastal storms and sea level issues are infected; hitting the south east, Florida, and Costa del Carmen. "

And yet, some democratic states may be able to see an economic benefit from a & # 39; global warming, with a longer season and increasing agricultural output, the report also says.

Jeff Berardelli added this report.

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