Nokia 9 weak features

Nokia 9. The 5-cell phone, which is expected by many smartphone users, will be officially issued on 24 February at an event held before the Mobile World Congress 2019. Unfortunately, it looks like The facts that Nokia 9 have a valuable specification in 2019, which could be separated by the 5 rooms, are true, so the components of 2018 at & # 39 ; phone in many ways.

Nokia 9. Below is a list of your phone specifications, and you can see that there is one that specifies that only 4GB of RAM can be offered in the basic version of your phone. It seems we will not see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in Nokia 9, but only one Snapdragon 845, almost 1 year old, and out of the coming into the market in the coming months.

Nokia 9 comes to a market with brutal designations for fans

Nokia 9 details are disappointed

Nokia 9. Practically, with delay being distributed for about a year, the phone will come to a & # 39; market with the designations he thought spring in spring, and some are not updated for the beginning of 2019. Although a 6 GB RAM version is released, the new team needs Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 to make Nokia 9 very attractive, but despite that of 2019; It could be worth it, a price of 750 euros could be a bit bigger.

Nokia 9. It is possible that this model will be launched with these weak designations because another is well-developed for the summer this year, this rumor has been a few weeks ago, and it seems that it is & # 39; drag course now. In addition to this, there is not much logic of what is happening with Nokia 9, so we can only wait for what the Finns are doing. made from HMD Global for the future phone.

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