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The Finnish data controller said on the 21st that he will investigate whether Nokia phones are breaking rules.

Viking public broadcaster NRK announced on the 21st that the Nokia 7 Plus module breached data directly related to the user site, SIM card number and the number of mobile phone and other personal data. , to the server of domain name, It is governed by state-owned China Telecom. The problem is that this is not a mobile phone sold in China but an international version, which could adversely affect EU rules.

Firstly, users discovered that mobile phones were often connected to a particular server and put packages in an un-encrypted form, and HMD Global, with the permission of Nokia brand, suggested that some Nokia 7 models were connected. Plus sending data to foreign servers. But this is a goods bug and was released last year and it doesn't really like which country the server has and tells what phones are hitting. Nokia is currently refusing to comment, because they are only licensed with a logo and are not held directly.

HMD said that they were unaware of this and suggested that they did not share personal data with third parties, although there may be a large fine remaining from the regulatory authorities if the research is genuine. At the beginning of the year, Google Light had a value of 50 million euro in France due to the unclear policy of the data, and HMD's “accidents” would be worse, which will affect the sale of the new Nokia PureView.

According to Dirk Wetter, a consultant from ZiAn, that is a typewritten APK package called com.qualcomm. The Nokia 7 Plus device will be sold in China, but foreign equipment can easily be installed. Some networks suggested that this may be related to WiFi communications.

But the public's perception of questioning is what HMD needs to do to enter a market in China.

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