Non-independent, about selling to Emmanuel Gigliotti: numbers of work and what club he would emigrate


The work was to be closed in the 2018 series and it seems to be a "#; to end in 2019: Independiente is about selling it to Emmanuel Gigliotti, Superliga's top player, with 12 goals (the same as Lisandro Lopez, Racing). The old striker against Lamadrid, San Lorenzo and Boca, who is also said by Santos de Jorge Sampaoli, to go over to the Mexican football: he was the chief of the Toluca, club to name to & # 39; employing Santiago Morro García (Godoy Cruz) but then put off work because Uruguayan did not "keep the rules about the habits and behaviors set by the center."

An Puma, of 31 years, moved by a nearby figure 4 million dollars: around 3.2 million of money would be left in red investment. So, left the driver, who found himself in Avellaneda after a passage through Boca identified by her; Penalty lost against the River at the Sudamericana Cup 2014 road, left by Independiente two titles (Sudamericana 2017 and Suruga Bank 2018) and leaving a very good image.

Recently, Gigliotti was out of comfort with the public Ariel Holan because, despite being able to & # 39; playing on the field, he did not warrant ownership. "I will not send my destination in the bank"he said, creating a sound in the catching room.

It will be necessary to see if the headteacher and his coach look up for it, or not; live with Romero (Silvio and Braian) as his invasion cards. It is worth remembering that everything has to be shown Red He will nominate the marketing of Leandro Fernández to Vélez on Wednesday, opening the door to another in the attack.

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