Nordelta: approve the registration of organizations and there is already a shelter


The Planning Council approved the order that allows the service of a line 723

"This ends the pineapples," said someone and, for a minute, it seemed unlikely that that money was unavoidable. An amazing Tiger Design Council session began at 10, but at 11.30 the seat of the legislators was still empty. The rest of the room was beautiful,
there were a number of tough people arguing together, shouting out a slogan, and creating cardboard posters.

In the first line there were the handsome mans, watches, rings and bracelets of Nordelta residents, Conducting signs with the words "Listen to the neighbors" and "There is no public transport." Later, the Peronist militants sang "the streets out of town" and "Tigre yes, no colony."

In the hot context, last year was announced the middle of the agreed agreement that was in the 90 days after the number of 723-based organizations set up in Nordelta, a business enterprise which was founded twenty years ago by businessman Eduardo Costantini.

The 723 have not yet entered the community, but the conflict has already reached the courts. Days ago, two neighbors sent a fight in front of a court in San Isidro's administrative case. The route of that line to Nordelta is shown, for now, heavy.

The standard, promoted by a senior Massista Julio Zamora, allows to develop the line paths to "improve passenger transport in some parts of the party" to "meet the needs of the -width the coverage that had been shown more intensively from urban growth and population. "In another session held last month, the governing party had not been able to get the compulsory votes to be handled.

"There are no new cities without public transport for citizens, whatever the situation," said Zamora to NACION LA. The residents of Nordelta were very angry about the decision. "This was not the result we were expecting, we were misleading," said Liliana Villagra, from the Castores nearby. "This is a slap for their neighbors," added Osvaldo Campoo, from The Diet.

For the neighbors, this measure will break "Nordelta Double Double Safety Circle, Access Control System, Survey Criteria and Review Cameras. Although the order does not include scrutiny strategies for the units that are; Going into the fold, Zamora said they are open to agree on "a praise that will give peace to the neighbors."

Source: THE NATION – Credit: Ignacio Sánchez

The backdrop

Since 2001, the micro agency MaryGo operates two services in Nordelta, one inside and one that travels to Capital. In November, convictions of programs of discrimination that were recorded against domestic workers began to prevent them from sharing the service with their neighbors heard. In the company they said that the problems were due to a reduction in frequency planned for entry 723.

"The problem was that there were 400 people at 17 and had no way to get out, there were more buses," said Nicolás Pasqualini, proprietor MaryGo, who was maintains that "service has never been a profit" and that he will be loyal to another service service.

Some other local representatives gave a project to the Deliberative Council Transport Committee that provided MaryGo to add larger units, new transit points and free sections for residents and staff who were discharged. "I do not understand why they did not have to pay for free transport, with very little money at our expense," said Any Vodovosoff, from Castores.

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