Nordstrand has a TV4 program with marble riders – Pages


TV Frida Nordstrand, a leading Crystal director, will guide the new TV4 "Vinnarskallar" campaign, where parade riders Meet in different competitions and also tell about their life and occupations – just like "Master of the Champions".

During the series, the participants will have left their competition and they all have to go. ends in a final where the winner will win the beneficial skull of the year.

"When I got the program that was given to me, I immediately thought that I missed a program that I've lost, but it will affect me as strong as I did, I was ready, "said Frida Nordstrand a press release.

"These people are superheroes. They have affected the worst problems and life, great thanks to the sport."

Who will take part in the program will be given later. "Vinnarskallar" will receive a & # 39; The first time in TV 4 this spring.

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