Normally, the Arkham Collection was seen on the Xbox Store



The TrueAchievements eagle team has shown that they are accessing the Xbox Store that is likely to be Rocksteady; make their three big ones Batman: Arkham titles for the upcoming compendium.

An Batman: Arkham Collection appear Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham KnightSouth West In fact, Warner Bros. Montreal is in particular by & # 39; present Batman: Arkham Origins and Metroidvania title Arkham Origins – BlackgateAfter this, that is a great game of games, and the word "Arkham" is written more times in one paragraph that a person should not be able to; read.

Although there is no official word left by the publisher Warner Bros. As it is still, it is said that the collection is hitting the shelves on November 27, so the four out there are not already their games (even even on many shapes), they should keep their eyes away for more news.

New Batman: Arkham Collection to discharge the next week? [TrueAchievements]

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