Norman Reedus launched a death killing in 2019


We did not think we had a long time ago Snow of death It would have made a very low heat, and it would continue to be a far away event in time, by 2020. However, it seems that Hideo Kojima and his team Kojima Productions They work hard to reach PS4 and PC faster than planned. In particular, Tormod Reedus, who is a key player on the game, and # 39; Believe it arrives in the first month of 2019.

Reedus finishes his work

A few weeks ago we talked about how it was Troy Baker, the great actor who also participated in Death Stranding, says his work was over. According to Reedus, he is about to do it. "I think the service will continue in the first month of 2019, I have three sessions of movement of movement in New York during the next week, "Reedus said in a podcast. In fact, as we know, the game is already in the Kojima customization process itself. "This is another level, I've been involved in other games, but I have never been in this way," he says well.

In addition, Reedus shows something more about his idea of ​​the Death of Deaths, and interesting development is still a mystery; regardless of what he saw in the past E3 2018. "It's not the kind of game you killed everyone in a room," he said. "It's a game about joining people, building bridges from now far, other players will do the same … And the character that I play with that affinity is linked, and how you play it missing. But when you play it, it's always amazing for you Decisions again and again, and whenever it comes to you, becomes a very powerful game, it's amazingly wild, and the story behind it just Another is Pac-Man, not just a simple thing, but it's a philosophy that everyone can get caught. "

There is no doubt that Reedus is an authoritative voice to talk about the future of Death Stranding, but it may be a good recital to make sure that the new Kojima game comes to us as soon as possible. We need to wait to learn more about the independent PS4 that expects from-consoles-, because it was not surprised to have a & # 39; away from time to time The Awards Awards.

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