North Carolina vs. Virginia is marrying craftsmen to go to; hitting Tar Heels and leaving behind a devastating defeat to the Duke


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – – A big 10-day case stayed up to the night on Monday, as Is. 4 Virginia admitted to House 8 in the North Carolina house and came out with the potential to be a major impact on the Election Sunday.

UVA 69, UNC 61.

The game was closer to that during most of the night – the UNC was the first time in the second half and it was a threat to a & # 39; winning, with seven points with 8:58 away – but Virginia stopped and dragged down the piece. Kyle Guy's 3-point view, which gave a 67 -61 lead by Virginia with 70 seconds to go, influenced the Cavaliers (21-2, 9-2 ACC).

There were 20 points in the Virginia Hunter of Kyle Guy and De Andre, and they still do not harm this season against teams not named as a Duke.

For UNC, the game may have been different when the 3-point Coby White platform is needed in time. If this box was introduced, the Tar Heels would have been directed by 62-59.

Instead, Geal finished with 17 top team points instead of 20, but most importantly, North Carolina (19-5, 9-2 ACC) ended 61 points.

The overall benefit of Virginia is online on the Number 1 line in & # 39; CBS Sports & North Carolina is now 19-5, and Virginia moves to 21-2.

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