Northern Constabulary, Taiquanmou's killing, third party constituent, candidate Kuomintang member, guilty offender


At the end of the year, the election campaign was introduced in the final. The student for the Kuomintang National Assembly in Taipei was thrown guilty. Some people were Believe that the "proud preposse" division of the sponsors' votes was divided! Kuomintang, Chen Yuhui, asked Facebook today. Someone used the name of her old director to send a letter to passwords. Give support to Yu Zheng to Wang Zhengde! Chen Yuhui heard "Taiquan is looking for a slap" and said "I have only one vote. I'll support the Kuomintang ticket tool. I do not vote for Wang Zhengde!"

The event immediately started a response from Xu Qiaoxin, an applicant for the third electoral district (District Songshan, Xinyi District). Xu Qiaoxin said that it was a good thing for the one-party partners to be at # 39; compete fairly according to the rules. But it is essential that the selection is done in a way. Is the order of order misleading voter support?

Xu Qiaoxin stressed that Yu Korea said "better to lose and not to dirty elections". The words are still in the ear. Someone's identity has been Chief Executive of the Reverend NO Yuen-fai, and the beautiful preseat said he hopes to move supporters to Wang Zhengde. Please ask Mr Wang Zhengde to explain clearly. If this is your own camp, it is recommended that the colleagues are restricted to see and hear; if not for her & # 39; camp itself, it should be clarified. In addition, the sufferer's kanban hangs a lot of Yu Korean. If there are people who have a This type of scall is done, the director of this bad choice is just in line with the value of his entire hat.

The candidates for the third electoral district (District Songshan, Xinyi District) are up to 21, and 10 seats should be selected, including 2 seats for women's security. The competition is wild. Onwards

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