A woman died after she hit – looking for a driver

AUDITS: The Road Traffic Accident commission continued to work on Friday night at the scene.

A woman died in the crash on a footpath in Sandefjord. Another pedestrian is damaged. The police have found the missing car but not on the driver.

"Relatives are told," said the police in the South-east on Twitter.

The other pedestrian, one in his 50s, is easier to get wounded and at hospital.

Tell us

At 11pm the police said they were finding out that the car they thought was promoting pedestrians. The car, defined as Audi A3, was found in the Hasle area Sandefjord.

Then there were several patrols looking for several hours.

I can check that we have got the car. We have no control over the driver. Our operating director, Anne Meyer, said to VG.

The car was not stolen.

About 1 hour in the morning, Cecilie Svorstøl explains that they have suspicions, but that the research is still ongoing.

Police: Stick from place

The accident happened on a 20 hour walk in Lahelleveien at Sandefjord.

– 39 – Two cars have been taken down by gray car and strike on site, an operational manager at Per Arne Amundsen said to VG earlier on Friday.

The police ask any witnesses the driver has seen. Police say he may be a man.

A: The police are on the site where a woman was killed and a man was hurt more after being hit on Friday night. Photo: Geir Eriksen, Gfoto

– Come in quickly

Cecilie Johnsen (40), who lives in Lahelleveien, says she sat out on the porch and drank coffee and talked about the phone when she said. she heard a car coming close by a high speed.

– I heard him for a time before he reached a heavy speed. I saw it was a gray Audi and it's very nice that it was A3, she says to VG.

– But I have not seen any special features or how many he was in the car. It must have been running for over 100, she said.

The speed limit on the area where it lives is 30 km / h.

– I thought it was very fast and maybe it was a shout, said Johnson, who told the police when she heard of the accident.

According to Johnsen he is 50 km / h where the disaster occurred.

evidence of questioning

The police are confirming they have spoken to witnesses in the area.

– The event was never seen by anyone, but there are people who come straight after him. We are now holding evidence, the activity manager Per Arne Amundsen said on Friday night.

He notes that a witness responded to the driving of a car in the same street following the accident and that the information received was consistent with the descriptions of the car.

Head of the scene, Ottar Steinstø, said the car came from the south when the accident happened and the car had moved north on Lahelle Road after the event.

Being worried

Johnsen's colleague, Knut Hunstad, says that Lahelleveien has swift blows, but they are not particularly high and many are driving too fast.

– It runs at a pace that we can't let the children go to school, but run them each day, but says to VG.

The 40-year-old says that he has just been waiting for a serious disaster.

– I was almost driven down almost a year ago in a similar situation to today. Here he is running a wild man.

Hunstad says that he has sent several emails to the police and the city where he has expressed concerns about the safety of traffic.

The policeman said the controversy was two in two cars but said it was an accident.

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