Also, "Anno 1800" is taken away from Steam

The players are unhappy.

( After a number of other players have recently been restricted to the Epic Game Store, Ubisoft is now warning that "Anno 1800" is being moved from Steam to the Epic store by t is launched.

This means the game will only be available on Epic (and Uplay) Game Shop, but Ubisoft tries not to break all of your toes and make sure it gets the correct amount. Everyone who organized the game on Steam.

A similar situation applies when Steam launched the launch of "Metro Exodus", but the difference is that you can still buy "Anno 1800" by Steam by the end of the day. to get there.

"Anno 1800" stops on Steam after 16 April as the publisher has chosen to directly match the game to another PC database, says in a post on the game's Steam page.

– The publisher has told us that the previous sales will have a steam on Steam, and that the Stewards' owners will get the two games or any updates in the future or a DLC package through Steam.

The publication 16 April at the Epic Game Source, which also runs from Steam.

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