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According to Bloomberg, permanent and unpaid staff work in offices in the United States, Costa Rica, India and Romania.

There they work nine hours a day to listen to up to 1000 sound files which will be transcribed and fed into the system until the Alexa language assistant is quicker and quicker. better the recognition of instructions.

Bloomberg has spoken to seven staff who say that most of the activities are simple, such as gathering words and special names to see if the system is recognizing what people want.

They can sometimes hear children's private, singing, or children's conversations.

Staff also report that they use external conversation groups to share audio files when they need help, or if they find something that thinks fun.

– Hearing abuse

Occasionally, potentially unpleasant or criminal incidents may be recorded.

Two members of staff say they have heard what they saw as sexual abuse, and that this can be divided into chat groups.

Amazon says that they have instructions to follow if workers hear it, but two Romania staff say that they have been told that it would not be Amazon's job.

Last year, a US judge decided that Amazon had to take two days out of a house where two women were killed, hoping to find the finder.

– Not to tolerate abuse

Amazon's spokesperson writes that a very small proportion of the film used is in a Alexa exercise.

“We have firm technical and operational management, and we have no patience for system abuse. Staff do not have access to information that individuals or users can identify, ”the company writes.

Using conditions, Amazon states that Alexa orders can be used to develop the software, but the company does not say that people listen to the film.

According to Bloomberg, staff can see the user's first count, username and line number.

They can start on their own

Google Home

Google Home also send records to a server, but uses the user's voice.

Photo: Eric Risberg / AP

According to the BBC, Apple and Google also listen to the Siri helper and Google smart smart speaker.

Apple tries the recordings with random ID numbers so the owner cannot be recognized, and Google also generates voice to identify the individual.

No evidence was found that prompt speakers can present records before the user begins to "wake up" by saying the words "Alexa" or "Hey Google".

These words are always listened to by the Gaelic speakers but each recording made should be permanently deleted while the "sleeping" unit is deleted.

But Amazon staff talk to Bloomberg say they can hear about 100 recordings a day where the speaker has turned without being told. These audio files must also be rewritten.

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