Avisa Nordland – The grocery giant has nearly half a market market. Now they are bigger

The Norges Group grew 3.3% in 2018, and 3.1 per cent had total market growth.

“This means that the Norges Group brings market sections in 2018 with more crafts every day and larger charter cards”, the company writes in its annual report.

Rich sopping

The giant, under the control of Johannson's wealthy family, manages 43.2 per cent of the Norwegian grocery market, which completely transmits Rema 1000 (23.7%) and Coop (29.3 percent).

The Agency's main status means that the company has been followed by their eyes and their competitors believe they are using size to make a better bargain and leave the other chains. T .

In total, the income of the Norgesgruppen income to NOK 87.8 billion was achieved in 2018, compared to NOK 85.6 billion in 2017. The previous profits were NOK 2.4 billion, compared to NOK 2.0 billion a year earlier.

– In 2018, our competitors have established more sources than we, as long as we have been aiming to develop and develop existing sources. The pace of their establishment will go up a little in the future with shops suitable for their customers locally, run by the Norges Group leader Runar Hollevik in the annual report.

Kiwi the largest

The main series at Norgesgruppen is Kiwi, which also forms part of the growth. In fact, the 2018 largest market extension was on the chain, based on existing sources (4.1 per cent).

The Norwegian group also reports on progress to the remaining chains in the group.

Among other things, the company shows that Joker was a growing favor in the hardware section. The season gained more customers and sold more goods in 2018. Joker was the third largest in the industry for comparative growth of 1.5 per cent.

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