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Ben Affleck – – – Break for the second time in eight months

Relationship between Ben Affleck (46) and Lindsay Shookus (38) is said to have continued to be tested. The pair, who were first to take to the boots in the summer of 2017, have broken down and broken down twice in less than a year.

Last August they will have gone on their own as a result of hectic timetables. It should not be difficult to get together. For a while Ben lives in Los Angeles and has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner (46), Lindsay lives in New York with her daughter from another relative.

– They both tried to work but the pace was too big for them. The family have come first for both a well with E saying! News then.

Even so, the duo should not forget one another, and in February they had again returned and spent time again.

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– They are happy with each other

Last month, they had both been seen together in New York on their first glimpse into the party and followed by Affleck's latest “Triple Frontier” film. And shortly after, they were seen walking around Los Angeles, according to People.

– It goes well between them. He aims to work with him, his family and his close relations, and tell a well to the site in March.

Now, however, the relationship between Ben and Lindsay must be there again. And it should still be a good distance playing for why they don't do the job.

– She has a child, an old man and a job in New York, and her family and work work in Ben Angeles. Although they are happy with each other and respect each other, they realized that he was not going to work. But they gave them the real opportunity to try again, to divide first people.

Despite the time, there shouldn't be a bad feeling at the expense of the two.

– They always respect each other, add the resource to it.

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When he finished between Affleck and Shookus last summer, the sound star started on the whistle with the Playboy, 24, Shauna Sexton (22) model shortly, after that.

The two days were seen on several days in a few days, and during that time Lindsay chose to delete her profile Instagram before the Oscar-winner quickly signaled it.

– Ben is an adult

After Ben joined in, he left the social media out, and a number of followers named their bills and said Shauna Sexton was the reason for the famous actor needing to help.

– I don't run around or with him. I enjoy drinking and participating fully. Most 22-year-olds, Sexton responded to the allegations before they added: t

– Later, Ben is an adult. It makes its own decisions. A 22-year-old man is blamed for the third-person to get into the revival just out. It is human. I am a man.

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Last month, Affleck opened up his cargo against the fight against alcoholism.

– Some people find it uncomfortable, but I don't think it wants to do anything about alcohol and being a alcoholic drink.

– It is part of my life. He is working on it. It doesn't need to make up my full identity and to be all, but it is something you know you must work with, he said openly on the “Today show,” t "according to US Weekly."

The 46-year-old to date has completed three re-appointments periods – the first time in 2001, and then in 2017 and last year in 2018. A search has been carried out to take healing. .

– I am proud of that. It is around you, your life, your family, and … We run into obstacles, and we have to deal with them, he said, according to the site.

Pass after 10 years

Summer 2015 was the birthplace of Jennifer Garner and the Oscar winner.

The duo, which has Violet (13), Seraphina (10) and Samuel (7), consolidated together, even the breaking of the day after their 10th anniversary.

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“Following careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision regarding divorce. Relationships and relationships remain with each other, and an enthusiasm to take the children together.

Looking back, the couple seemed to be trying to return to each other, and Ben stayed a long time in the family inn. But in April 2017, Ben and Jennifer put the coffin in a chest by signing the divorce and dissolution documents, and in May of the same year, he moved out of the home.

Two months later he was reunited with Lindsay Shookus, producer now on Saturday Night Live.

satisfied: Ben Affleck was getting a lot of attention when he put back his back. At "Ellen DeGeneres Show" it's finally talking about. Video: TV3
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