Bethesda did not show this year's E3 display as the Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield

Bethesda has created much hope with the two titles published in the Elder Scrolls 6 and the Starfield secret project, and many had hoped to see a glimpse of the year E3. It does not happen, depending on their own studio.

As with VG247 website, among others, main representative Bethesda Todd Howard came with the bad news for PAX East recently.

– Before anyone; We would ask you to be patient. It will be a long time. It is not something we are going to speak at E3, any of these games this year, Howard said during the Bethesda Winter Days.

This teaser image at the Mysfieldious Starfield is only for separation for so long. Photo: Bethesda

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Starfield was named at last year's E3 fair and there are still very few proofs of the game. But the spirals we have acquired so far have shown that it is an open game play game in science fiction type.

The game will be held in the same world as the Fallout series, but far into the future and far from Earth, meaning the link to Fallout story should not be particularly strong.

If that is not the case, there will be five to five different species, and if the player might travel around the room. Both worlds will be in a world of work that acts as a funny and irreplaceable character. It is hoped that the final one will apply to supporters of the Minecraft sex.

Bethesda previously said Starfield is about to extend the boundaries and that the studio is thinking very far into the future with the game so that what we do is dealing with the next generation.

Elder Scrolls VI, on the other hand, was also announced last year 's E3 exhibition, and this game is no longer known about it, except that this title has been designed for game consoles next time. descent.

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