Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Boundary 3-Borders borders the Steam Bombing option

Unsurprisingly, not everyone with an interest in stamma put these Borders into the Epic Games until April next year, with a good taste as usual. this has led to a further 'review bomb' in the other series in the Valve stage show. Of course, this is not great fun for developers, but Randy Pitchford, the leader of Gearbox, is trying to see something positive about him.

Following several Twitter ideas he came with the following answer criticizes the decision:

"Strangely, this abuse is possible and Steam is not interested in rectifying this abuse, which makes my decision to 2K make it happy, and brings t have suggested reviewing the idea of ​​Gearbox Publishing for the stage. ”

It therefore seems there are negative reviews for potential users to receive anything else for future games. Do you believe in it, or does it have more impact than it is?

The Borders 3

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