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Can you be pregnant even if you jump “in a flash”?

Girl 15 years old


Hi, we have a 14-year-old girl who has been without a disability without her boyfriend. She says that they jump out of the loop (that's not, he doesn't come in) and that there's no danger that you're pregnant. Is this accurate? We (his friends) have tried to tell you that it's not okay, but she doesn't want to hear it. We don't know exactly what to do and how to understand it how bad a child is at a young age. It has been proving to be a big hit earlier and we do not know how we will deal with an infant. What really matters to us. Examples of what we can do Can she get caught although they are "jumping off the loop"? I had understood the answers!

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Thank you for your question! You can. A sexual intercourse is attacked where the boy pulls out of the vagina before he is released, or “leaps into the swing”. The risk of being heavy is then less than if it is ejaculation in the mouth, but the possibility remains. When the boy is excited, there is often a bit of a shiny polish out of the piano. It is called precum and is a type of plants. Sperm cells may live in this water so it is not impossible to even take over if the boy has no hidden conception.

It also points out that it is easy to stretch the boundaries out when they break into sexual relationships. It is only before the sperm finds out that the boy has the greatest enjoyment. Then it can be very easy to carry on a little bit, perhaps until it is too late and let him get out in vagina. So an interim intervention is not a good "birth control" because you are in danger of being pregnant. I highly recommend your love to use birth control.

Yours sincerely, a midwife is losing

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