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Cruise group from new distribution regulations: – Unsafe and unpredictable surveillance – Tourist industry t

– This has not been understood enough and has gone too fast, say the International Association of Tor Christian Sletner Cruise Lines (CLIA), the world's largest cruise society.

He says that the association agrees with what the new rules mean (see the information box), but emphasizes that their members have problems when their t “Short-term political change alters the criteria for activity in Norway and the potential to circulate sold as long as three years ago”.

Skippers are plants that "wash" the whiskey from the big ships. This gives worse emissions for air, but the process of clearing the waste away in the form of waste water will be significant.

"The new regulations will undoubtedly have a significant impact in the coming years and there will be a fundamental element for cruise calls in World Heritage fjords – more ships will not be able to come in," he added. he says.

Steps against competition

Today, around 65 per cent of the scuba shipping vessels submitted by the international maritime organization (IMO) opens this up as a solution once the next year's fuel rules come in. T inward.

Sletner says that the industry has spent large amounts of equipment in a cleaning machine, and that they are very positive to reduce emissions, but they believe this is the case. “It is worrying and unfair that Norwegian authorities are introducing certain restrictions on the use of a legal cleaning device”.

– When it comes to global rules, we connect to them, but it is unfortunate and against competition that special regional and local rules are introduced, which bring out someone. T he has legal means of using new claims, he says.

– It's gone too fast

The authorities began work on the regulations for the 2017 shipping regulations in the World Heritage fjords.

However, in the shipping industry, it has to be seen as a short time, said Tor Christian Sletner.

– Most ships will have a duration of 30-35 years and cannot be changed to meet all the short term needs.

He says that the time taken to order a vessel for him to be out of service is also an important reason.

As a result, new rules introduced by a short date can allow a boat to be unsuited before it is completed, says and follows: t

– Den estimate. Nearly 100 new cruise ships operate in the next 10 years. 20 of them are natural gas (LNG). The rest goes on heavy oil and instead of cleaning out. When the use of such cleaners is limited or banned altogether, it will be difficult no matter how much industry wants work for environmentally friendly solutions, Sletner said.

Supporting exclusion

Harald Solberg, Chief Executive of the Shipowners' Association, says that the organization – which is representing traffic companies in foreign traffic and that caused small members with regular telephones – is supporting them. needs a harsh environment on a common basis and the new ban.

However, the expansion of the scour is slightly worse.

"In the case of a comprehensive ban on junk food in Norway, it will be an unrestricted sign for anyone who has already invested in cleaning systems to make sure that they are ready to load. T according to new environmental regulations, "he says.

Solberg understands that one wants to reduce the use of scribes in deep tunes and tunes but it does not see reasons for preventing the use of scooters in a closed way.

– We are therefore pleased that the Norwegian Marine Directorate decided that this would be approved in the World Heritage Fjords.

Including shipping companies costs

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate is not hiding that it is a disadvantage for the cruise ships that they do not use their open flying systems in World Heritage fjords.

However, it comes elsewhere, behind environmental impact and socio-economic impacts.

“In the social-economic account we are eliminating the cost of all the tour routes. We also do not anticipate that the tourism tourism from world heritage will affect other Norwegian fjords on visitor income to Norway. It is likely that there will be sufficient competence in other relevant factors, so that these shipping companies may choose to do all the functions of Norway. So, we expect the requirements for distributing wash water from scooters to be a profitable socio-economic measure. THe is called.

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