Do you remember Skyrim's grandmother? Now she wants her performance to be achieved. ”ITavisen

Be a game character in Skelim sequel.

Last year we wrote a case of "Grandma Shirley" – an 82-year grandmother who has spent countless hours in humans "The Elder Scrolls" in recent years and is afraid that she will not experience the Skyrim because of his old age. On her YouTube channel she publishes Skyrim videos and has already released more than 500,000 grants.

Making the petitions campaign

That time, fans followed a petition to get developers to recreate a game of Shirley as a game game character. This was a result of recording a recording of a previous Skyrim series where she considered that the series "The Elder Scrolls VI" would be launched – possibly coming to the games game. next generation.

And then to good news: this week, Shirley told Twitter that Bethesda had fulfilled her luck and that Bethesda will include her as a character in the Skyrim field: t

Eventually, Bethesda has been demonstrating new technology to recreate material in forthcoming games, using "Photogramatag" technology as they create in order to create real faces in This is a completely new and fairer way.

It would appear that the bad news in the middle of all things is that we have to wait a while for Bethesda to launch the next game Elder Writingsseries. Today we wrote that Todd Howard in Bethesda has confirmed that Skyrim or Starfield's sequel does not appear at E3 this year.



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