Giske VG case complaint for newspaper

The newspaper committee (PFU), which is the own media devolution body, has received one complaint about VG about a topic of talking about politician's concern AP Trond Giske. But PFU can not process the complaint yet.

– – We have not received complaints that can be processed to date. We have received a complaint that requires consent, and other questions, says the Secretary General Elin Floberghagen of the Norwegian Camanachd Association for Enterprise.

She says:

– Giske is obligatory to give permission.

No matter whether Giske gives permission or even considering sending VG for PFU, it is clear. He says to Kampanje on Wednesday afternoon that he does not want to comment on his case.

In addition to its usual appeal, the Secretary-General may, on its own, ask the PFU to consider matters of major interest.

– I did not think that, as long as in any situation, says Floberghagen.

Was lightning going to sink?

The storm started his former former chairman of Ap when VG wrote on Thursday the week the Labor Party had expressed a new concern about behaviors against a young woman. The message came upset in response to a video recorded at 2 pm on Sunday 17 February at the Vulkan bar in Oslo.

Write this to the paper: "VG has to see that video. It shows that Giske is hanging over the back of a woman in the 20s and holding her hand on The woman's humming while she's dancing. The woman then bends her away from Ghiske.

In the case, VG interviewed her; woman on video, which said:

– We did dance and we did a good time, so he got a bit, and I went there and my friend there.

At the same time, VG interviewed the leader of the union who disturbed the report, who said he was "lightning" when he saw the video. The newspaper also said the misery message sent to the party secretary Kjersti Stenseng, where it was reported that "Giske" was to feel a woman at an evening night in Oslo ".

The video woman spoke

Later on that night, NRK published a case where they interviewed her & her; video. She changed the event:

– The video looks worse than it was. It was just over dance. Let those who let it know, not on the other way. There was nothing left; but a gray tone We knew it was difficult and right, she said.

Giske wrote in the Facebook post that he and the family were grateful that his wife left her. case. At the same time he asked for an excuse from VG.

– A VG case draws to & # 39; Cave the picture of the guys. There was no one who had been treated fairly, and this video did not, Giske wrote.

Follow it on:

– I respect that there may be different ideas if I should be elected to an office. But even in the great crush that is currently facing me, some of the most urgent habits need to be there. By entering & # 39; case in a completely different way than it was a cover, VG has broken out the newspapers and should make a complaint, write it.

He got deception

VG editor Steiro Gard said this to NRK that night when the newspaper published the case about Giske:

– The heart of the case is a messenger. It has been reproduced because he has a public interest long as there is a debate regarding the Giske situation in his / her; party. VG gave a detailed and detailed description of what the video shows, but he chose not to be published because of the people involved. In addition, VG sent the women to his video, he then said.

On Monday, however, the VG editor self-contacted that the first case of Giske's video was not at risk.

(The article is listed below

The editor VG, Gard Steiro, and self-criticism after publication. Photograph: scanpix Torstein Bøe / NTB Picture: NTB scanpix

– The photo drawn in the first VG case was completed – and good for the case – but I would like to see some of the information included in the first VG case. Then I particularly mean more information about what happened at her & # 39; night club. It is our duty to say that he said, Steiro to Media24.

VG will be celebrating Wednesday evening

In the "Debate" on NRK1 on Tuesday, the political editor added Hanne Skartveit completely flat.

– It would not be our case, like that, that day. It is an editorial decision when a case is ready to be in print. We lost ourselves as editors in VG. It was wrong, Skartveit said.

And after 6pm today VG's revelation appears – published in front of VG Nett under the title "VG Sorry". The newspaper maintains it was correct to mention its & # 39; case, but there is still a reason to take self-ment.

VG is writing among other things:

"The problem with an article VG did not give an appropriate picture of the event in the bar. In other broadcastings it has shown that the girl who works on the movie Giske is so sorry. It's also the fact that she and her friend gave a film to the AP politician. These details were important to make a broad picture of the situation.

The event happened in the length bar & # 39; There was a debate to do if Giske should get an office again in the # 39; Labor Party. That's what I think is shared. One argument that Giske could again find work he had learned from his mistakes. The video was appropriate in this debate. Although some thought that the event in the bar did not affect their trust in Giske, others found out that it did again an example of poor judgment, , regardless of how the woman had experienced the situation. On the left of the first VG article, however, it has been breached on the # 39; woman. VG difficult », to finalize the article.

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(The article is first published in the Iomairt.)

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