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– Give him a kick out of the fighting

The wait should be halted: To stop Lionel Messi (t.v.) to succeed in Ole Gunnar Solskjær in the Champions League season's quarter final against Barcelona. Photo: PA / Reuters

MANCHESTER (VG) "What kind of plan do you have?" Ole Gunnar Solskjær (46) answered questions about Lionel Messi's estate (31). But, three experts try to give some advice to the Norwegians.

One of the Barcelona journalists, Graham Hunter, is the winner of the award-winning Barça book. "World's biggest team" and the film "Take the Ball, Go the Ball" the same club.

He suggests some unusual answers: "stamp" on Messi – one unique United States player who is responsible for following the Argentina all the game.

– Very few teams do. It might work, but the strategy must mean that you will have a plan for the other great players to Barcelona. If you put someone to Messi, but Ousmane Dembell has it in spectacular shape, you will be punished and lost, said Hunter, who has interviewed Messi several times.

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Numbers “hidden” Messi that gives hope to Solskjær

On Wednesday evening, Frenchman Dembélé, the second king of Barcelona, ​​may begin to blossom. He was wounded and hardly gets more than a few minutes. It opens up opportunities for Solskjær.

– This may be a day where you can ask one player to stay at Messi throughout the game. There will be very few teams who try, and most of them have no control over what to do, but I think he can work, said Hunter, pointing to Messi has a certain trick to remove such a signal:

– He walks all the way around the fight, slowly walking. And even though players know it is brilliant, and it's just a trick because it is waiting to be getting out, 99 of the hundred are at risk of disappearing because the game is happening. elsewhere on the way. It's a mistake. Big fucking error. When Messi is in your room, even if the ball is completely separate, you will not be allowed to leave it.

Suggest that Pogba move

Spanish journalist Pol Ballus lives in Manchester and works for Barcelona-based newspaper. He warns Solskjaer against this season's issue of Messi:

– Is driven largely by emotion and emotion. It has been clear from the beginning of the season that it is, to a greater extent than the previous seasons, requiring it to be won. Champions League now. It is very encouraging. It makes it harder to stop it. And if it is in good health, there is so little you can do.

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Solskjær disagrees with the Guardiola of Messi: – It is not impossible

Messi has eight goals in six Champions League matches this season – one goal each time. In addition, he has three steps. Is there anything that Solskjaer can do anyway?

– Messi's best way to undo it is to take it away with his mind. It doesn't have to be aggressive, but they need to try to keep it away from the areas on the way where it feels more able, as in the place. They must keep it out. Solskjær needs to make sure that Messi takes the member as small as possible, says Ballus.

MESSI FRIENDS: Pol Ballus works for the Barcelona Sport newspaper in Manchester. Photo: Arilas Berg Ould-Saada / VG

He suggests that Solskjær moves Scott Scott McTominay hard and tirelessly into the routine position of Paul Pogba, on the left hand side of the median, so that he can take special responsibility for the most dangerous weapons at t Barca to follow.

– Or the area behind Pogba can be very dangerous. He is best known for his controlling, adding to the Spanish.

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Solskjær is recommended by Barcelona: – It helped me a lot

Asking Solskjær to follow Mourinho's words

Miguel Delaney, half of Spain and an Irish half, is a football reporter known for the British newspaper The Independent. He does not work as much detail as his “plan anti-Messi”, simply because he feels that it is not useful to have such an approach.

He got a good idea of ​​Real Betis when Messi got the better of a trick recently:

– José Mourinho is no longer so followers, but Solskjær should follow his words when he comes to Messi. It was an interesting event when I saw it at a press conference in the 2014/15 season. Mourinho thought that you could stop Messi automatically and that everything you can only do is Delaney expressing, mentioning the following Mourinho signals:

– Every time I play against Messi, I spent hours teaching him and trying to stop him.

– But it's not about stopping it, but getting a hard fight. That's the best thing you can do.

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