– He wanted to be an excellent Bana

Beliefs: There are rumors surrounding Idris Elba as the replacement of Craig Craig as James Bond. Photo: Isabel Infantes / Pa Photos and Amy Sussman / AFP.

But Idris Elba has refused to accept the rumor that he will take over as the next Bond Bond.

In a new interview with the Telegraph, actor Judi Dench (84) supports the idea that Idris Elba (46) will take over the new role of producer James Bond.

According to the Huffington Post, rumors have spread for years that Idris Elba is a man who has replaced Daniel Craig (51) – and the first black black 007. With regard to the Telegraph issue of Judi Dench's consideration of Idris Elba as the new James Bond, she replied:

– I think it would be a big Bond.

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Rami Malek should be present as a Bond fund

The actor played herself in James Bond films, but her character under the film "Skyfall" came out in 2012.

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An iron hoop about James Bond's recording

Idris Elba has been refusing to accept his acceptance as the new 007 representative. In August last year, he received questions from a reporter who asked if he was the next Bond – where he replied "No".

Offers one billion kroner

After recording the film "Specter" the actor Daniel Craig said he would prefer to "cut his legs" than play in another James Bond film. Craig was then offered over one billion to make two James Bond films.

"I don't want to excuse, but it was two days after last filming and I was asked if I wanted to make a film," Craig said after the interview in 2015.

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Idris Elba contacted "James Bond" on Twitter

The next James Bond film is played in Norway. The film title has won the title “B25” which explores the 25th film about the British producer.

The team are not ready for Bond Bond, but what we do know is that Craig is going to play James Bond. This confirmed the actor on an interview with Stephen Colbert in August 2017.

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The images are from James Bond's recording

The recording of the scenery taking place in Hakadal began in the Nittedal city on 25 March and is expected to run until 2 April.

Craig took over the first James Bond work when he performed in the 2006 movie "Casino Royale".

Did you get when Dagbladet gave a "James Bond" fraud?

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