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Heavy downturn for the "Farmer's Show"

Most 866,000 spectators came to the end of this year's "Farmer Celebrity", and there were just over 100,000 in front of the controversial statements of Michael Jackson.


The figures for the final weekend "Farmer Failure" are far lower than the high year when Lothepus won. There were 866,000 yesterday – at most, although the average number of spectators came through the program, 758,000 landed.

You got along with you? Tiril threw into tears after its impact

1.5 million observers have significantly appreciated that Lothepus has won his & # 39; first round of the "Famous Famousness" in 2017. The average number of final broadcasting that landed at that time of 1.3 million spectators. Never "End" your farm – either faster or longer.

TV 2 is still happy with the figures for its final broadcast.

– "Welcome to a farm" again the people gathered, and the season season ended with a concert where Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen finally got rid of. 768,000 viewers have continued this season on average (Total Screen Rating) and bundles; The proportion of "Famous Farmer" is 758,000. The "Welcome to Farmers" and "Well-known Tories" have been bilingually and rigorously involved and have received large coverage throughout the spring.

Tiril out against the critics: – Sadly the seal on TV 2

Last year, 1.1 million worked in front of the famous "The Farm" tour, where Anders Ullevålseter broke off his competition.

In December last year, 782,000 Tonje Frøystad Garvik saw a win in "Farmen" on a regular basis, and in 2017, Halvor Sveen won 900,000. In 2016, over 1.2 million watchdogs saw that Laila Lockert inflicted its impact.

Jackson documentary

Another big talk about the week the document was documented about NRK2 Michael Jackson and allegations about attacking small boys. A first part of two was shown at Sunday afternoon at 10.50pm.

(The article continues under the video)

NRK reports that 101,000 spectators have received the documentary, and that a division is 20 per cent market. Then the numbers for the internet are included.

– NRK TV's first 85,000 program, with a total of 39,000, shows NRK's ​​research manager, Kristian Tolonen and his / her. added:

– Very good figures for a documentary, much higher than normal for documentary purchase.

behind: NRK version, that Michael Jackson will not take away at least any of the plays

VG was present to the last-party "Farmen" yesterday in Oslo, where the partners identified the winner and were happy to be in attendance; return to each other. See VGTV:

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