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Here they are all closing to their churches – two can come out for sale – NRK Finnmark – Local news, TV and radio

– We have turned all the stones to get solutions, but unfortunately we are no longer going to go.

Bente Floer is the council of the parish in Nordkapp and needs a long time to fight against a bad economy. The churches are closed from February 1, and are already closed for visitors throughout the day.

IFinnmark first mentioned the case.

Now the council of wards also considers selling two of the churches.

– The church was ordained to see and evaluate it. It should look at how they can remove them from our budget, saying Flora.

Gjesvær church

The union agreement with the Gjesvær church in the picture is complete and it will open the agreement of the lease.

Photograph: Hanne Bernhardsen Nordvåg / NRK

There are no funerals and baptism in church chambers

By the end of 2018, a survey by the Employers Agency for Church Churches (KA) showed that every tenth church in Norwegian is used as often as one month. It is commonplace of the unused churches that are located in small towns.

At the same time, a number of churches in the country have strive to maintain the ancient churches.

In Cape Town, the church, Honningsvåg, Skarsvåg and Repvåg have three different churches, as well as carrying a private church in Gjesvær. The church itself is at its congregation too.


Malin Irene Magnussen in Honningsvåg holds her newly born daughter who hopes to be baptized in a church room.

Photo: Private

The churches in Skarsvåg and Repvåg are now considered for sale, as long as the lease in Gjesvær has been completed.

He is still able to rent Honningsvåg church for concerts and other events.

But christmas, funerals, marriages and future worship services can only be found in the parish house.

He creates resemblance and optimism among a number of people in the population, including Malin Irene Magnussen, as if she wanted to baptize her baby's birth. Then she does not have a church to go.

– When I'm going to baptize my daughter, I want to do something in the church. It is about my Christianity. It is not the same that it should only happen in a normal house, saying Magnussen.

– I know that this is related to many others, Magnussen says.

Club Paradiso

Club Paradiso has changed from church to night club just in the center of Amsterdam, after being sold. In other places, the sale of churches were converted into restaurants.

Photograph: PETER DEJONG / Ap

– We need to think about the extended use of the church room

A group KA a & # 39; believe that Norway needs to be more open to use the church room for more activities, so the church is at the heart of a community in several areas.

"Then you can keep it as a place of worship, and then your church activities will have when they have the opportunity, but you can also rent other uses that do not conflict with the church," said KA, Oddbjørn Sørmoen.

Pressure (Millibars)

KA's director of Oddbjørn Sørmoen believes that the Norwegian churches need to look at how they will use the use of church rooms.

Photograph: NRK

– It is a Lutanian church in the Norwegian church, and you do not have a tight framework for what you do and do not exist.

In other countries, there were examples of selling churches that are being used as an evening club or restaurant, but this Sørmoen can be a problem.

– Then it is completely scratching. The building will receive one message, and the other content.

– – The good examples are where you say that the building is a community building community, and it should still be. You can use it for meetings, concerts and cultural experiences.

He also says that not only does a North West church go? struggling to keep up their open churches, but he has not heard of anyone who is selling.

– I know two cases where one has built a new church that has taken over the work of the old man. Then a man has been trying to demolish the old man, there are other times to consider what a man can sell, but he did not even happen, says Sørmoen.

The bishop mourns

Olav Øygard

Bishop Olav Øygård in the bishopric of Nord-Hålogaland.

Photograph: Marita B. Andersen / NRK

Bishop of Hålogaland Bishop Olav Øygard believes that the situation in North Cape is fascinating.

– It's an amazing and very bad situation; there. Cape Town means. There is an unfortunate situation for a local community, he says to NRK.

– People should not go to worship, do not welcome the loved ones … I do not think so I can see it, that it is necessary to be, it's a & n; follow.

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