Hitecvision and Eni are preparing a 20 billion bid on British oil fields

Hitecvision is likely to be based in Stavanger ready to make a bigger investment in oil production. Reuters said Thursday has joined forces with the Italian Eni company to apply for ConocoPhillips UK oil and gas fields.

– There is no comment, says Hitecvision chief of Ole Ertvaag to DN.

The archive is sold somewhere between $ 2 billion and $ 2.5 billion. New London-based Hitecvision office with Equinor John Knight's main board is very much involved in the advocacy campaign, but is co-ordinated by Ertvaag at Hitecvision headquarters in Stavanger, after for the DN. It is anticipated that the process will be settled before Easter.

For sale

He has long been recognized that the UK stock market Self ConocoPhillips has been sold, and in autumn, Ineos Cheimigeachd British Breton received a special permit to negotiate ConocoPhillips airport. When running this special court in a & # 39; New Year, Ineos threw the cards, but others were cut.

Among them is Chrysaor, an oil company with another construction company, EIG Global Partners. Previously, Chrysaor bought Shell Britain's fields for $ 3.8 billion in 2017. According to Reuters, Chrysaor was pictured as a buyer who was in the care of ConocoPhillips before the Ineos process began, and again The current candidate is. In parallel, Chrysoror still occupies Chevron's possession in the North Sea, according to the news agency.

I bought a lot

If Ertvaag gets the prize, not the first time he will be the # 39; trading in the North Sea. In 2017, Hitecvision stepped on ExxonMobil's self-operation on the Viking shelf for about 850 billion NOK. The fields were added to Point Point's Hitecvision company, which lasted last year with the company of Ennis Norway and created Vår Energi.

Energy, however, should not be a party to the Hitecvision and Eni advocacy work in the UK, after the DN acknowledges. British Hitecvision Verus oil company should not be a part.

High quality

When Dagens Næringsliv interviewed ConocoPhillips chief executive, Ryan Lance earlier in February, Ineos had only an arbitrary settlement time to buy British assets. Lance then confirmed that the shares were still selling.

– & # 39; s are stakeholders; there. But we are also happy to keep it if anything happens. There is a high quality resource, Lance said, which at the same time stressed that there are no similar sales plans on the Norwegian shelf, where a company works among other things in the Ekofisk range.

The UK portfolio created 75,000 barrels per day in 2017, but it will be back. Britain's shelf is considered to be fairer than the Norwegian, and several international companies have already been sold.(Regulations)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our suppliers. We would like to share our issues by using its & # 39; link, which continues directly to our pages. Copying or other means of use of the content or part of the content may only be made after written permission or as is permitted by law. For more words see here.

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