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Ikea and Sonos: – No damage at all

Ikea and Sonos were unaware of the long-standing peer speaker whom they had long been waiting for, and were amazed too to see the addition of a table lamp and an equivalent speaker to the Sonos system. soft.

We were present at his launch in Milan and were given a few minutes along with Sonos design manager: Father Toulis and Home Smart's Ikea boss, Björn Block.

– We begin with sound quality. You say that the lamp speaker will be very similar to Sonos One. What about the speaker books?

So far Ikea's work with Sonos has meant that there is a speaker and a table lamp together with a lecturer. There is more. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

Toulis: – The sound of the book shelf is also very rich. A sound is a measurement of drivers and a acoustic cabinet, which is smaller than the lamp. He is optimistic. Also, you can also run TruePlay which takes all the next steps and changes the sound to your environment.

– The price of NOK 999 is a significant reduction from the cheapest Sonos products today. What have you cut?

Block: – We don't look at it as a cut. By linking together we are constantly challenging every detail of the result, from the box to the relevant options, but also the overall value cycle and how we have done this together. I don't see this as we have chopped corners or something – we haven't affected it at any stage, not on quality, sound or texture. We hadn't been good but doing this together. He has been a wonderful journey.

Touched materials in:

– The best thing about this connection is that we have brought in a range of different areas of expertise that we can use together. Ikea are the magistrates of size and measurement that we cannot get as we do in Sonos. By bringing together the different features we have allowed us to achieve something that one of us could not achieve by itself, and to find out that it was a thing which came from the side of Ikea.

The package is bigger than Macos

– Is it possible to quantify the size of Ikea's benefits for the best price?

Block: -I think that the legacy, history and experience place greater value. Let's pack a pack of example – if you look at today's Sonos products packaging, they are quite different from packaging of Ikea's lakboard. We've built a wide range of experience in producing active packaging that needs to be tuned to the consumption and consumption of a global supply chain. This is just one of the things Ikea sent him – there's more Ikea Sonos in her pack. By challenging each side we have brought much more in just the scale.

Package must be one of the areas where Ikea is most obvious. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

– Is Sonos completely concerned that these materials will sell to the rest of the Sonos folder?

Toulis: – No, not at all. We see it as an opportunity to expand into a very diverse group of people. There are many people who don't know who is called Sonos. The channels we work with are very different and the partnership with Ikea allows us to meet other people we haven't met.

– Nar Sonos Stores we have attempted to create a home-like environment. If you're thinking about a partner you can be friendly with who wants to do better with that, there is a lot more to find someone better than Ikea. If this gives more people to Sonos, it is amazing, but we are not concerned about any cannibalization.

Stereo speakers at night? It is perfectly possible for the Ikea and Sonos lamp lamp. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

We went back to the more primitive

– Have you ever spoken to voting?

Block: – There is. We did a wide-ranging survey, adding many features and characteristics, and it was clear that the voting was true of both. Then we realized we would start with goods that solve the basic needs we saw here. Just making a noise with light, the output was quite complex, too, to help people understand what the product is doing. I think it was a very quick option not to include control of voice in these first materials, but nothing comes out of a long-term view. And you can vote them with other Sonos products.

Dubs allow the speaker to link to kitchen rods, for example – not just Ikea itself. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

Toulis: – I want to praise Ikea for their dreams and control when it comes to starting with real concepts and making it. We can then add to later products. Working with a trusted friend that Ikea has been up to has been up to date.

– You have said that this is a long-term partnership. What next?

– Oh, let me show you pictures …

Block and Toulis break out with laughter, both.

Block: – No, but I think it is very important to us … We hadn't taken as much time and effort to get into this unless it should be in a long time. Creating one or two of these sports materials had been fun, and and we look out to the future with what we should do. The beauty of Ikea Home Smart is that we all have access to the home, not just a room or a goods department, and we want to resolve all home problems. We will be very fat – together.

Father Toulis in Sonos and Björn Block in Ikea are full of praise for the collaboration they have begun. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

– We can reach people who have never heard of Sonos

– Who's going to buy the people who don't buy Sonos today?

Toulis: – I think there are more dimensions for that. Those who have been open to Sonos today have come in a lot from the perspective of technology. Fortunately, I think that's about to change. But I think that people will easily assume that Sonos is a technology company. We have a well-suited approach to Ikea. We just mean that people should have a sound in their lives. How we have done this has been largely achieved in the direction in which we have reached customers.

– With this partnership we can reach people with an interest in sound but not even knowing Sonos. Perhaps they are thinking that "sound systems are very daunting," "they are very expensive," or "I don't know if I want it to be home." I think it is However, the third thing I have noticed is that we are trying to change the user's recommendation from "Are I wanting technology?" To "Do I want this result?". With Ikea Home Smart, Ikea makes one hundred per cent to make its own brand, adding technology, where value is given, unlike what you often see in business. T the technology, where they first come up with the technology and then find out how to use it.

– You say that the lamp lamp can be removed. Would you like to do the rest for yourself?

There is an extension to the lamp, but to date Ikea has not made plans to sell her own. In fact, it encourages practitioners who are encouraged to create their own. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen,

Block: – I don't want to rule it, but I don't know how to do it. I believe it is important to make products that you can update over time. I think one of the main benefits of Sonos platform is, that you can update the software to the results. Such considerations are also important when it comes to corporate outcomes. I would like to update the lamps.

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