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IMPORTANT: Skiing is a good skill in cross country skiing. Because of the Hovedlandsrennet, many of it took off too long. Photo: Markus Aarstad

It appears that half of those taken out in control of the Ski Federation on Hovedlandsrennet used illegal money under the shields. It leads to the shaking of her head by Ina Porsholt Jensen.

Here are the numbers of flower controls on Hovedlandsrennet and the Junior Church: t

– I find that it is very encouraging and inspiring that 25 per cent of those who entered were breaking the ban. True, the test results are correct. This can show that culture is not amongst the adults, says Porsholt Jensen to VG.

She is a parent of three children and young people who are skiing and she has written a record in VG where she will settle after Hovedlandsrennet – one of the biggest skiers for youngsters. .

Testing shows that half of those who flowered flowers are under Hovedlandsrennet, going out (see information box).

25 per cent of the samples provided “strong indicators” that fluoride products were used under skiing, and 25 per cent gave it 'indicators'.

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Half time was given to control flowers through the mainland race

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Thrift lines should provide food on their wings, but have been banned for the first season by the school season and up to 16 years. The reason for this is because of plant health, costs and environmental concerns.

Porsholt Jensen is sure that parents are breaking the rules.

– They are the ones that accelerate the herring, not the young. They may not know much about gliding marks. This can give evidence of a skiing culture in the skiing family that I think is sad, it says.

– Do you think everyone is banned?

– If you are active in a club, which everyone in Hovedlandsrennet gets, I am sure you know what it is about. The union has been clear that it is a ban and that it is based on trust and the consequences of trials and where the green sector is going to be compromised, may be confused. T Porsholt Jensen answers.

During the Tour of Ski, Stina Nilsson laughed badly:

– Adults must go in themselves

Torbjørn Skogstad, the head of the cross-country committee, has not responded to a VG response to a very bad question Porsholt Jensen, but has been speaking before him about the matter.

– It's 50% overall, I'm a bit of a surprise. We were hoping less. He is a shame, he said.

Motion: Torbjørn Skogstad, cross country committee director, t Photo: Terje Mortensen

His dissolution / annulment meant there were no different teams / circles.

– No, no pattern. It is spread throughout the country, Skogstad said.

Ina Porsholt Jensen says that it was not suitable to sell bitter food under the knife for their children.

– It's not a choice No use the fluorine result. It's not allowed, and then there's no topic.

– Is there a culture in the ski family that parents think children are treated with respect?

– How big is each ski family sending here, they answer themselves. The test results show that adults need to walk in ourselves, answering Porsholt Jensen.

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