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Jan Schmid put everything in the World Cup

SEEFELD (VG) Jan Schmid (35) had secured his first first World Cup in Norway in ten years. Winter's best player, Jarl Magnus Riiber (21), has been five times.


The German Eric Frenzel took the sixth gold medal after a strong finish, and Schmid had a good control over the money in front of Franz-Josef Rehrl.

This is the first prize in Norway compared to Schmid's money in Liberec in 2009.

– It was fun. It shows that it is possible to stay a long time. It does not matter that the rabbit starts to & # 39; to climb back. It's a good knowledge, says Schmid to VG.

The money is a huge increase for 35 years of age with the Swiss backup. He has been struggling with a recent illness. Schmid has been on many World Cup races to promise everything on the World Cup this season.

Disease ahead

– This was amazing. Jan does everything right. It's a remarkable jump and a & # 39; brilliant cross-country manpower. It is trying to do the way to do it; He could have the chance – in the last land. We have discussed this since the summer, saying Ivar Stuan, sports manager, to VG.

– There is no consensus in what Jan does. In the spring, Jan said, "Now I bet everything on a cart for one time. Now I want to bet on the World Cup," said Stuan.

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Schmid has only one podium from the World Cup in this winter. It is repaired with several hats.

– I was really feeling today. This was amazing for me, saying Frenzel to the Norwegian paper.

– It's hard to hit Frenzel at least. I think it's just Afarra that Frenzel gave today, says Stuan.

Germany has now won the last eight gold in association

Eric Frenzel, Mario Seidl, Jan Schmid and Franz-Josef Rehrl met in a four-day event immediately when the cross-sectional section started. They were hunted with a larger group from the back.

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Àmarra: – I have a bit spread

In the first kilometer Jarl Magnus Riiber came in ten of the 59 seconds he started behind.

At 2.5km, there was a 29-minute Ammer behind its fourth face. But the challenges did not come quickly enough. The Àmar finished its fifth.

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– I feel that the opening costs are in this middle level. If it was at home, it might be good. But I can not rid the lactic acid I got at the second round, saying Riiber to NRK.

He has already set the World Cup. Rizer won 10 out of 16 races in this World Cup this winter. The partial hop hop was destroyed.

– I have a bit spread at this time. I'm struggling in a & # 39; chest, says Riiber, who thinks he's a? deal with the press.

– The Age is 21 years old and has a lot of emphasis on it. It was almost today's gold despite the bad jump. He is dead to the rest of the World Cup, Ivar Stuan says.

Espen Bjørnstad came in the 15th place.

PS! Jørgen Graabak allowed the cross-country division after a jump jump failed.

PS2! Schmid and Fraser will join the Sunday sprint team.

From the archive – so Jan Schmid's dream cover sheet:

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