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Kanye West will destroy Choachella – A & # 39; wake up a glimpse of possible market requirements

January 3, Kanye West (41) – no, as he sometimes says himself – has been designated the culmination of the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival, which will be held annually in Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert , California.

Two days before, however, West manager, founder of the Paul Tollett festival, sent to an appeal something incredible:

Instead of playing on & # 39; main level, he asked Tollett to build a big fort in the center of the festival area.

A chromag was designed by the designer of a permanent set of former John McGuire, The only thing would be for the West concert.

This tells Billboard.

The case still has a & # 39; go down.

The problem is that the application can not be completed by 12 April, when the festival is out. In order to accept the Megapolis, the organizers needed to reorganize the full range of the festival, and to remove much of the festival houses.

This informative organizer Goldenvoice about the time of the West. According to Billboard, he replied that "he is an artist with creative insights, and that he should not spend time talking about fèisean". He must then say that the balance of the festival is the responsibility of the organizer before proceeding quickly.

The case is & # 39; under the picture.

SUPERPAR: The two rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian (t.v.) tend to be critical and diagnosed; create media press releases. Picture: NTB scanpix
superp: Both rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian (t.v.) tend to review and create media press releases. Picture: NTB scanpix
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– Double deal with you

The western reason was that the scene was too small for the planned play. Goldenvoice had a promise that the platform was one of the largest in North America, and that artists such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have played with hundreds of dancers and musicians.

The disagreements seem to have been notably involved in the disagreement. The West did not enter any contract for his or her concert, and before the day was over, Tollett sent a message to Scooter Braun, the founder of the SV Projects media company, and conversations going on to introduce the artist Ariana Grande as a new place.

Less than a day later, the place was confirmed.

Braun had even completed his collaboration with the West in December 2018. According to Fox News, he was the reason why; The West was "even able to deal with him as manager".

The West and Grande have challenged Twitter.

– Yeah, I know that adult men are arguing online now, but Miley (Cyrus, ed.) And I just have to spread the new, beautiful song, so it would be brilliant You could do it for two hours. the girls got a bit of the hill. Thank you, Grande Grande, mentioning the Western fuel with the Drake rapper.

This is a Rolling Stone.

Great exhibition

It's not the first time the festival will be; instead of headquarters at short times. In December, the artist Tame Impala was the artist Justin Timberlake after changing Timberlakes' journey dates.

The partnership has been designed for the west in the fèis for a number of years, but it has not been done; This was just before being informed that the team of the West Managers was talking to the order to request the mega dome. A chromag was a long way from the main stage and would be big enough to take the Western audience.

The view would be in the middle of the globe, with the audience on either side. Video shows and other advanced effects were also planned.

The aim of the top of the top view, which was the view of the Western aircraft on a tour of 2016, and the flower glass box with the artist Kid Cudi at the Tyler, The Creator organized the Flog Gnaw festival last year's music festival.

The case still has a & # 39; go down.

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The globe drama does not seem to be separate either. According to Billboard, the same struggle in West was with the United States festival, Festival Ball Music, where it should be released with the same crucial requirement. According to Rolling Stone, the festival says that such an application has been made.

The 20th anniversary of the Coachella festival is 2019, and according to Billboard the tickets were sold within six hours. Other artists include Coachella, the artist Reggaeton Bad Bunny, the rapper Pusha T, singer Janelle Monáe and the K-Pop Black Pink band.

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