"Leaving Neverland" – We bring thousands of "dangerous" emails and emails "

The documentary "Leaving Neverland" has recently created strong reactions. The film focuses on the victims suffered; Wade Robson's attack (36) and James Safechuck (40), both wanting the late pop artist, Michael Jackson, have betrayed them over several years.

Now Dan Reed says he has received thousands of "humorous" mail from the first point of view. He tells how the emails are "as sad as people can find". This is Rolling Stone.

The Jackson family has described the film as "killing quartz" and "public lusching".

Reed tells the Hollywood Reporter that he has been suffering from phone and e-mail, and even has suffered death threats.

– During a week I brought thousands of e-mails from China. There were some terrible things, some of which came with dangers. Then they stopped so suddenly when they started, he says.

He thinks there is no doubt that the emails are co-ordinated.

"In some of the emails there were paragraphs that were cut and just portrayed from a website that encourages people to make a complaint against the film," he said.

In 2004, Michael Jackson had to meet in court for child abuse fees. He was abducted, but the facts that influenced the pop giant were famous until his death in 2009.

– "Ka-ching"

Reed said he criticized the Jackson family and fans in an interview with the US Today.

– How can you phone a "four-hour" tabloid audio? It is beyond my understanding. This is about what to expect. The statements do not sound anything right on the movie. It is obvious that they have not seen it, he says.

After his first show of this year's Sundance festival, he also edited anti-chritis.

– They have a valuable logo for protection. Every time the song is sung by Michael Jackson, the money record says they are "ka-ching". I'm not surprised at least that they are now safeguarding to protect the banner, he says to the Hollywood Reporter.

SINT: The campaigner and Michael Jackson attend Catherine Van Tighem; protest against the documentary
Angry: The campaigner and Michael Jackson attend Catherine Van Tighem; protesting against the documentary "Leaving Neverland" outside his first show of the Sundance Festival. Picture: NTB Scanpix
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Try men

Robson and Safechuck have also heard their weight. Following the anniversary of the Sundance festival this year, security guardians had to be with them on the out of the theater.

A number of Jackson fans had come in, and some of them had signed signs to support the dead pop runner.

In a previous statement, the Jackson family describes Robson and Safechuck as "liars," and saying that the movie is " dealing with a "single complaint of events that happened 20 years ago" as facts.

At his first appearance, Reed addressed his & her; counteracted against taxes. It affirms that Robson or Safechuck have not paid any payment for filming.

– Metoo's time began when this film was made, and we were challenged by the way we look at victims of abuse. I hope these films will help the opening of this room, also for boys and men who have been attacked, "he told the Hollywood Reporter.

"Leaving Neverland" will be available on the HBO power service in March.

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