LO and NHO are in extra time to avoid big strikes

Nearly 23,000 LO and YS members will be removed from strike unless the parties in the interim conciliation agreed. Around 750 companies are employed in businesses such as hotels, cleaning, brewery and strike transport on Monday morning, unless the NHO agrees to the staff groups.

Before mediation was held on Saturday and Sunday, the parties have reported that they are prepared for a prolonged haul.

At 23 pm on the Sunday night, the foxhunter of Mats Wilhelm Ruland continues to tell of the distance between parties as "important".

– It's a long way. It is very difficult to report to the NTB.

From the middle papers of a waiter he says that there is no sign that the parties will agree before midnight. Therefore, it appears that the parties closer to agreement did not appear to have agreed at 21. At that time, Ruland also mentioned the distance between the parties as "important".

Input, the governance of CA and NHO will sit in direct debates.

It is seldom rare

Low pay progression and communal supports are intermediary topics between CA and the NHO.

"Those who think this would be a simple intermediate measure are just about money, that's wrong," Ruland said.

This is the first time since 2013 that it is broken into interim arrangements as stated, where the parties are only negotiating a salary. Now it is up to the state settlor to find the compromise, which means that the first strike in a World War II interim settlement will avoid one.

– The danger of the strike is present. We don't know if there will be a solution, according to the state lawyer.

Nuts for submission hard as a fuel

The private sector pays provide a framework for the settlements to come in spring and will affect payment of wages for most Viking people.

The parties have a chance to resolve, but on a break in the negotiations on 14 March, the NHO chief executive Ole Erik Almlid decided that CA pay claims are too high. The exact scale of the wages is unknown.

There is, however, an increase in actual salary from staff who have contributed to average wage settlements in recent years, as well as an increase in low pay, which they believe to be low. has been behind.

According to the FreeFag movement, one of the lowest paid wages is one of the largest battle topics and can be a hardcore for approval.

May be a big strike

However, employers are responsible for the international market and are sure to strengthen the competitiveness of Norwegian companies after this year's wages settlement.

The last ones think that it is possible to go together with a growth in wages, but the parties that have not opposed it should not be how big they should be.

Unless CA and NHO agree, CA members include companies such as Statkraft, Mills, Ringnes, Telenor, PostNord and Bring amongst the first strike session, according to general view.

In the case of YS, members of Parat in Adresseavisen and Aller Media are among those covered by the first strike.(Rules) tDagens Næringsliv MP and / or our providers. We want you to share our examples of how this is connected, which continues directly on our pages. Copies or other forms of the whole material may only be made after written permission or as permitted by law. For more information please see this. T

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