Logitech MX518 will return the mouse to the story

One of the most spectacular and most important moments of the game is always a new life. Logitech has decided to release a new and slightly modified version of the MX518 which was first published in 2005.

– Over the years, our players have tried to try to restart the Logitech G MX518 on its & # 39; market, mouse that many think the mouse is always the best game. Today we say that the MX518 game mouse is now available, a company says in a blog post.

News under the hood

Picture: Logitech

Outside, many should not be able to identify the old differences of the MX518 with the new one, but if we look under the cup we're going to see; see several reviews. Not only, Logitech uses the Warrior messenger with a resolution of 16,000 DPI – the sensor we also find in the game mouse; We've confirmed last year – Logitech G Pro Wireless. In contrast, an old mouse change had an awareness with 1600 ppi.

On the other hand, the hard-working company also has a 32-bit ARM process, which provides a 1-millisecond response level, as well as a small memory storage device that allows you to put five attachment profiles on the button for the -tuttons.

Some may be laughed at a nose; weight, 101 grams, and do not have the skills of a wired mouse, but at the mill we have heard at least about many interested parties who are willing to see the old man. The trotter is a # 39;

The price is 599 kroner, and has already started to & # 39; appear in a few online sources.

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