Look behind the scenes of Metro Exodus

It's been hot about the end of the Exodus Exodus, with everything about the game being released exclusively on the Epic Games Shop and not Steam, and that the author is behind The series and the uterus stories have just smoked in the top of each other. But now there's only one week left until the game comes out, and the developers are happy to get their focus on their own game again.

They have finished the third and final in a documentary series that deals with the development of its & game. This epsiode deals with the latest development stage, and its & # 39; including developers interviews, concepts and sketches and archive images. They talk about it "The partnership that comes from completing such a hard project as a team,"and Creative Chief, Andrew & Prokhorov, have talked about how to play the final pieces of the project, and the people who dropped from him when he hit at the end the time of development.

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