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Scientists give warning.

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Just use a straightforward memory

The Thunderbolp series has now found a new research into a new vulnerability called Thunderclap.

The risk can be opened for computer users to be attacked completely by completely offensive devices associated with USB-C or DisplayPort.

The researchers at Cambridge University explain that Thunderclap is a & # 39; utilizing access rights and accessibility equipment through access to the device's memory entry. If there is no defense against this, users may use this opportunity to steal data, install a user, and monitor the operation of the machine.

Lack of protection

The IOMMU (Induction Memory Control Unit) is the most important defense against such attacks. The only problem is that this protection device is not used largely. And when it was used, it's wrong, researchers say.

Windows, from 7 to 10 versions, appear to have not supported IOMMU between. However, Windows Windows has done that, but in a very limited way.

Linux is supporting this protection mode, but it is usually not normally provided in the operating system. The researchers also wrote that MacOS was the only operating system used by IOMMU, but the protection was not enough enough to stop the researchers from being able to; worrying the system.

Both Thunderbolt 3 and older Thunderbolt devices that use DisplayPort instead of a USB-C place are infected with its & # 39; poverty.

Working to close the holes

The researchers say they found the security hole in 2016 and have been involved in PC representatives to correct the error. Apple released cisterns for a specific part of the disablement in the 10.12.4 update in 2016, and all Macs updated with their latest software should be secure against invasion. Windows 10 1803 also has a protection to the risk of firmware on more recent Windows devices.

However, researchers respond to users to be careful about having a & # 39; connect an external USB-C device to their device, especially in public places.

Although the chance that such an attack has hit a little, it is always right to remember that it is aware.

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