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Maria Mena's dog was struck – – – – I don't understand that people promise they have children.

The songs and songwriter, Maria Mena (33), gained knowledge of the biggest owners of dog dogs earlier in the week when a car at Grunerløkka hit Oslo when her pup was played small, Julius, hit.

In a long post on his Instagram account, the artist is writing about his terrible experience.

– Today I got to know the dogs' most serious misery. Julius has been struck outside my accommodation. It was like one! Once I lost the tape while I was falling for the key to the front door, he caught the tape, dragged out on the road and a car came in, which is 33-year-old.

– They didn't understand what he would say

The Arist says that she just went out of her sight when she saw the small, tempered animal under the big black wheel of the car. Mena received help quickly from the people around her when he met, and drove the driver in the car to a vet and the dog got cured quickly.

Mena has been very sad after what was terrifying, but the dog has now come to life and comes away from the disaster with three boots. According to the doctors, the small animal can recover very quickly as it is a puppy.

To Se and Hør, Mena says she did not think it was possible to be as keen on a dog.

– I have heard about it, but I must admit honestly that I didn't understand what it was like to love a dog. I know now, the artist said 33-year-old, and continuing on:

IT'S CONTINUED FOR THE SUPPORT: But, it was interesting to get so much support after telling her story with her followers on Instagram. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet
FOLLOWING FOR SUPPORT: t But it was interesting to get so much support after telling her story with her fans on Instagram. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet
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-I am totally respectful of people with human children. That they will be blown up!

The artist got home to Julius little from the Friday vet. On his Instagram account, Mena writes that the vets won't work the dog because it is so small, so he has to stay a while for several weeks to get it well again.

– They don't work because it is so small. Now hard weeks are waiting for us. He needs to be lying still and getting pills for sickness, which is difficult for a small wild body! But it is alive! Ask us a little prayer now, she writes on her Instagram account.

I took tears

After sharing the work on Instagram, Mena received many inspiring words from nearby people who think that she shared a moving story. Mena herself thinks that the support is enormous, and on her Instagram account, she shares a video for herself where she took the tears.

– How was it supported so much?

– You will know the first scene in the film "Love Actually"? The one at the airport? Just so, it was feeling, she says to Se and Hør.

In Mena's view, passengers at Heathrow Airport take each other, catch each other and express love to each other. So there's little doubt that Mena had lost a lot of love from famous and unknown people in the social media in the next few days.

On Instagram, Mena thanks the vets and the other people who helped her when the accident happened.

-This is lucky! My back is a little with three patches in the crook rising in the hospital! Full range of drugs, but with a clear purpose and vision. He will be tomorrow. They say it is going to go near it. Two weeks before he comes well, she writes down from Thursday.

Brooch with a boyfriend

In February this year, it was noted that Mena and her husband Bård Hauki (52) had gone to one another.

Both announced their relationship in summer 2017, but it should not continue.

At that time she shared a picture of herself and Hauki on Instagram, with a red line between them – in order to symbolize the ending.

"This is a very small part to me … and I know that if I don't want to do this I don't do this if I don't want to, but I have been honest with you at the beginning of my relationship with the Supercar." it's ok to be open about the end », she wrote in February.

The case is following ’.

Mena wrote that there has already been an end between two years' award. Fortunately, the pair are still the best friends, and thinking of each other as a family, according to the artist.

"You must all welcome from Borg on the way, and want a great weekend," she wrote on Instagram at that time.

She has often shared photographs of Hauki in social media, and the fans have had a great insight into their lives. All the videos she put on Instagram were named by fans to "Mena TV", something Hauki and the Bjørnson dog were also a big part of it.

The news that Maria Mena had found her fortune 19 years ago as a fire in hay dry when he named it in the summer of 2017. In a recent interview with KK, d & # 39 Mena advised that Hauki was not finding out who she was when they met.

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