More media: Doping-raid in Seefeld

MAKING LIABILITY: Hajo Seppelt is a & # 39; warns about double attacks in the Austrian Seefeld Cuppa city. Photograph: Helge Mikalsen

SEEFELD / OSLO (VG) According to the German doctorate expert, Hajo Seppelt, the Seefeld homepage was copied. A number of countries are involved, with two incredible newspapers aimed at Austria's national Germany and team.


– The Austrian Crime Police in Seefeld has a winding up in connection with the Ski World Cup, and the Seppelt script.

Seppelt, which is associated with the German TV channel, ARD, reports on Twitter. Accordingly, a number of actions are carried out at the same time, led by the Austrian and German police.

Austrian press newspaper A Crown Copyright Writing Austrian practitioners are the target for an attack.

The magical German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung Write that "the routes go to Germany", but the extent to which German practitioners is not suspicious. The research has been targeting potential supporters.

There has been no official certification, the police hold a 2f news conference in Innsbruck.

– We never heard anything about it. We can not confirm or reject, the overseas transmission espen Bjervig to VG says.

– I have not heard anything about this and I'm sitting in a meeting now. I'm going to search with directors and their. come back to you, says Stefan Schwartzbach, media spokesman for the German ski company, to VG.

VG has not been successful in communicating with Austrian national team representatives.

There are several countries involved in the attack, according to the dopier expert. The police cliffs need to be at least in Seefeld and in German Erfurt, co-ordinated between the Austrian and German police. Austria has a dop in crime and so the police are connected.

ARD also reports that the attack started on Tuesday morning.

The attack in Erfurt should be in the context of using a sports doctor, and Seppelt writing. The suspicion is that the doctor should have connections, not named, to the ski sport. The use should have been a long time look, and # 39; writing the doping journalist.

Hajo Seppelt is the person who helped to attack Russia linked to the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

– The Seefeld raids will continue near World Cup trails. The reason for recent raids in the research over the last few days, is the writing of the prestigious journalist.

– I did not see any police at our hotel. We have not been aware of or open to any attack. Slovenia and Poland are the ones who are; live in our same hotel, says Katherineina Medveczky, the Swedish manager to VG.

– I do not know who it is. We are in the British team in any situation that is not involved, saying Hans Kristian Stadheim, a national team coach for the UK.

VG updates its case and its # 39; Try to talk to team leaders of the different countries about the attack.

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