NASA: Finding major changes in one of the most important ice cubes in the world

One new NASA-led study has found a huge deal at the Twaites glacier base in Antarctica. It is almost 300 meters high, and it is still growing.

NASA writes that the researchers expected to find some of the places between the ice and the rocks, but that they were amazing and both in the & # 39 ; flu.

The American space agency explores the glacier for a research project; start in 2010, where they are going to analyze their & # 39; connection between polar and weather sectors.

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Ice has dried over three years

The glazing in the glaciers is large enough to make room for 14 billion tonnes of ice, and most are melted in the past three years.

– – [Storleiken på] At the glacier bay there is an important role to play in & # 39; melting. When more heat and submerged water comes, it fills faster, says researcher and author Pietro Milillo's headquarters in a press release.

The Thwaites glacier is a population with Florida, and there is enough ice to increase the sea level in the world with 65 centimeters. The glaciers are also a "smelting break" for other gears. If they are melted, the sea level rises to a further 2.4 meters.

Eric Rignot is one of the other authors of the study and field science science professor at the University of California, Irvine. He tells the New York Times that the ocean is ice.

– It's a direct impact on climate change on the glaciers, he says.

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Bottle bottle of wine

In an article by Rolling Stone Magazine, the American journalist, Jeff Goodell, shows the glaciers as "the bottle of wine bottle" for the entire Caribbean page of the ice bottle. It writes if the Thwaites glaciers would then fall into the ice enough; The sea is causing urban areas such as Miami, Boston, New York and London to be lost. He also tells how we say all the cities in the world, Goodell wrote.

He is also on his way to Antarctica to explore the effects of climate change on the Thwaites glacier. Goodell participates in her & her; The first time in the five year research project of the National Science Foundation and the British Antarctica Survey. God will analyze the glaciers to make a better understanding once and then; It's gone back in the warm season.

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